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Special Newborn Offer {great gift idea!}

I am still so happy capturing newborns!! Even if I get covered in pee/poop/throw-up… it’s not a job for everyone, but I love it!!  In addition, I truly enjoy the extra bond it creates with my wonderful families.  I’m extending my newborn special so EVERY family can take advantage of these special moments.  **Remember to ask about our baby plans to save even more.

Not only do I enjoy taking artistic photographs of these precious moments but you’ll also find me offering advice to brand new parents.  Now that I’ve been through the experience, I feel the need to be completely honest about what to expect.  It’s an amazing journey.. but like all of life’s adventures they road is bumpy ahead!!  I try to give new moms a little hope & new dads a sense of direction when it comes to helping their wives transition into becoming a mom.  It’s a HARD job- on either end of the spectrum.  But with my sense of humor I try to put it into perspective.  I hope all of my couples leave feeling a bit more confident in their ability to handle this challenging/ wonderful change in their lives.

*We’re offering our newborn special again!  We love creating artistic works of art of your beautiful new babies.

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up directly through the blog, pay the $150 session fee (plus tax: total $163.31)
  • plug Adrienne’s cell number into your phone & text her when the baby arrives.
  • Then we’ll get you on the calendar within 5-10 days.  And we’ll even tell you what to bring!
  • Afterwards you’ll receive your 2 favorite images to print & use for your birth announcements.
  • We’ll host your images online & provide an in-studio consult to help pick an art piece for your home.

A natural approach with the innate ability to capture moments. I'm always amazed, year after year, I've yet to meet another photographer who comes close to matching her abilities!"Sarah Temps"Master at her craft! Absolutely, without a doubt, the best photographer.

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*bw photo by Sara Brennen-Harrell

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