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Hire the best artistic Newborn Photographer in Kansas City

What if 18 years fly by faster than you thought? And all you have left are those snapshots that never left your cell phone?


Weeks quickly turn into months and before we know it- another year passes us by.

It’s hard to recollect the days full of toothless grins and belly laughs.


Trust me... I know from personal experience! I can not longer remember how it felt to hold my darling girl in my arms.

She outgrew me by the time she turned 12.

Imagine preserving those fleeting moments of childhood... not just what they looked like but how they felt?


Imagine holding these memories in your hands 18 years from now...

newborn baby yawning
Newborn baby yawning

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Preparing for your Newborn Photographer

Prepare several clothing options, mix & match colors within a similar tonal range. If you are stumped, text options to Adrienne & she'll help you decide.

Get a hair cut at least a week prior and bring hair products & makeup.

Children perform best when they are allowed to play; try not to worry if they want to show off or put on their best 'pouty' face!
PrepareHow do I
  • I'll look around and set up photos. Keep the house a little warmer than usual.
  • Lay out clothing to consider, include blankets & items with nice textures.
  • Plan to nurse prior to my arrival.
DON'T clean -
  • No need to clean or re-arrange! I only need a small area to work.
  • Don't worry too much about how you look! I'll creatively incorporate you into photos.
Tips & TricksTip: Pick 3 colors
{2 main + 1 accent}

Remember: Neutrals are
timeless & look good on any wall!

Accessories are great
(but less says more!)

Mix textures & fabrics in similar tones.
Planning for your shoot

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