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'Adrienne is an internationally award winning photographer' passionate about teaching.'

Adrienne Maples obtained her B.F.A from the Savannah College of Art & Design. She's lived through the evolution of film photography to the digital revolution adapting along the way.

Photography Lessons in Overland Park

Do you take LOTS of photos but don’t know how to create great images?

Due to popular demand, Adrienne Maples is now offering photography classes designed to elevate your skills and transform the way you capture life’s moments.

More than just mastering the basics…

This comprehensive course goes beyond the technical aspects of photography, teaching you how to:

  • Develop a photographer’s eye, seeing the world in a new light
  • Think creatively, capturing life’s beauty and telling stories through images

Our one-on-one lessons are developed around our standard course curriculum. You’ll have access to a Google folder where you can print out our workbook.

  • Camera Basics– ISO, Shutter Speed, F-stop
  • Proper Exposure – Metering for Middle Grey
  • Composition– Rule of Thirds, Using Negative Space
  • Light– Finding light, Quality of light, Color Temperature
  • Creating with Intention
  • Digital Workflow & File Management

Photography Lessons for Individuals of All Ages

Our photography courses are meticulously crafted to cater to learners across all age groups, fostering a profound understanding of the art and science of photography. We encourage our students to engage deeply with their craft, prompting them to consider the enduring impact of their work. Through our curriculum, students are taught to reflect on both the positive and negative implications their photographs might convey, ensuring they are equipped to make informed artistic statements.

As experts in the photography industry, we are committed to guiding each student towards achieving a thoughtful and impactful approach to photography, making our courses an ideal choice for those who aspire to excel in this dynamic art form.

Our photography classes are designed to educate and inspire students of all ages, encouraging them to think critically about the messages their images communicate.

Why sign your child up for Private Photography Lessons?

Just like you’d sign your child up for piano lessons, our photography lessons work similarly following the school year & summer sessions. We begin by building a basic foundation while asking students to practice & complete assignments prior to each lesson. Every lesson will begin by reviewing the assignment & discussing whether the student achieved the objective.

Individual Classes for Adults

Individual classes are 90 minutes and curriculum is based on individual needs. Adult classes are $150 per lesson.

Private Photography Lessons for Teens

Classes ages 8-12; 45 minutes. You’ll need a DSLR (camera body, lens & flash card) in order to practice assignments. Ideally you’ll download your images to a computer for review. $350/ 4 classes

Zoom Lessons are also available as needed by appointment.

Who’s ready to get their camera out of program mode & start exploring!?!

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Great Resources:

Metering Modes & How your Camera Meter Works

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"I can feel awkward in front of the camera, but she has such a special way to warm you up and make the 'real YOU' come out for photographs."

I can't express how great she is and trust me, once you meet her, you will have a new best friend!"
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Q+ A

frequently asked questions

What will I learn?


Our 6 week course is designed to take you through the entire process of creating an image.


We start by learning the basic principles of light & exposure. We discuss composition and the elements which make an image interesting.


After each class, students will have a homework assignment to complete prior to their next class.


Who are classes designed for?


We provide several options depending on the age & skill level of our students.


Our teen & pre-teen class is designed to provide youngsters with the necessary skills to create impactful images by editing down and thinking about the impact they wish to create.


Our adult classes are based on individual needs from understanding the basics to creating dynamic lighting.

What equipment do I need?


Ideally we want to teach you how to harness the power of a digital SLR camera with interchangeable lenses.


While we can still teach you the basics with a cell phone, our classes are designed to demystify your traditional SLR camera.


Exploring the aspects of different lenses, when to use what lens and why they create different effects.

What if I miss a class?


There will be one make up class per session; however all lessons are pre-paid and there are no refunds for missing class.


We do understand that life happens therefore we offer a makeup class with every 6 week course.





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