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What’s the Deal with Fab Over 40?

An email said I was selected as a contestant in the Fab Over 40 competition. Cautiously optimistic, my momentary excitement was replaced by a twisting sensation in my gut… I’ve been scammed before. Is this really a contest about being fabulous or is it something else? While this competition CAN be used as offer an...

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer for YOU!

Find the BEST Wedding Photographer for you! Have you ever attended a wedding and couldn’t help but notice the wedding photographer? They either stood out because they were extraordinary or you noticed them because they were obnoxious. I’ve attended enough weddings as a guest to experience BOTH of these situations. Finding the BEST wedding photographer...

Do you Tip Photographers?

This is my dull, life-of-it’s-own ‘pandemic’ hair circa January 2021… I’d been cutting my own bangs & attacking split ends for more than a year. And I know I wasn’t the only one cutting my own hair! The salon is a luxury we’ve long taken for granted. My daughter cheerfully let me chop hers off...

Surviving Catastrophe, what you can do now-

Do you remember the story of the little boy who cried wolf? Certainly you do- the little boy cries WOLF, WOLF… but there is no wolf. A second time, he cries: WOLF WOLF WOLF!! Still there is no wolf. A third and final time he cries- WOLF WOLF… And a wolf eats him up. The...

Meet Stitch our Sensational Intern

Always Looking Forward The direction of my life changed last year as I fulled embraced my role as a single mom. New challenges presented themselves daily as I worked to find solutions to transition and created a new sense of normalcy in our home. Looking forward into the future, I realized I was going to...

Special Newborn Offer {great gift idea!}

I am still so happy capturing newborns!! Even if I get covered in pee/poop/throw-up… it’s not a job for everyone, but I love it!!  In addition, I truly enjoy the extra bond it creates with my wonderful families.  I’m extending my newborn special so EVERY family can take advantage of these special moments.  **Remember to ask...

Friday Night – Lights, Camera, ACTION

Well, it’s finally here!  The third Friday in April & tonight we will host an open house at the studio.  I’ve given myself this deadline to finish some personal work & a project that I am excited to show my clients. I’ve worked my team to death preparing for this… & I am pretty sure...

My Fair Wedding with David Tutera

On March 15th I got an excited text message from my office assistant. She had just answered a call from someone with David Tutera weddings team. For those who aren’t familiar, David Tutera is a celebrity wedding planner who has a show on the WE network called ‘My Fair Wedding‘. They were contacting us about...

Modern Bride {news&press}

I remember picking up Modern Bride many years ago, the images were eye candy- gorgeous gowns, beautiful brides, scene settings that made the reader envious to attend such a wedding.  And while flipping through these beautiful events, I must admit, I wanted to see my images appear on these glossy pages.  It finally happened in...

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