Senior portraits that celebrate who you are

Your senior portraits are a unique opportunity to have a little fun for the camera! Think about ways to incorporate who you are RIGHT NOW and let's illustrate that with creative, timeless portraits.

How to Plan for your Senior Portraits

TIP : Pull images that inspire you, look at outfit combinations & ASK Adrienne her thoughts! This will help guide the artistic direction of your session :)make a planWe'll determine if you require hair/make-up, animal wrangling or other services.

Need suggestions on what to wear?
Follow the link below for wardrobe advice.
what next?
Tips & TricksTip: Pick 3 colors
{2 main + 1 accent}

Remember: Neutrals are
timeless & look good on any wall!

Accessories are great
(but less says more!)

Mix textures & fabrics in similar tones.
Planning for your shoot
No WayWhen preparing for your session try to avoid wearing the following:What not to bringsunburns
A new haircut
loud patterns
5 o'clock shadow
wrinkled clothes
distracting jewelry
A natural approach with the innate ability to capture moments. I'm always amazed, year after year, I've yet to meet another photographer who comes close to matching her abilities!"Sarah Temps"Master at her craft! Absolutely, without a doubt, the best photographer.

What do I wear??

blond girl pink shorts grey background

Senior Portraits

Senior portraits mark a significant milestone in our lives! These portraits will represent your child just before embarking on their official journey to becoming independent adults.

And how fast it all goes… once they could fit within out arms… and within a blink of an eye- 18 years has passed us by.

There are days this truth hits harder than others… for instance, take the day Ms. Macy walked into the studio for her senior session. I hadn’t seen her in FOUR years.

I barely recognized the women who stood in front of me. When I saw her last, we were the same height but today before me was a grown woman, with long golden locks towering over me.

What do I bring to my Senior Portrait Session?

These portraits are an opportunity to showcase who you are in your final year of high school. Before you leave for college and everything changes.

While props aren’t necessary, I do encourage my seniors to bring things to illustrate their talents and interests.

Do you play an instrument? Are you an artist or avid reader? Do you have a collection of really expensive tennis shoes?

  • Bring several outfits from casual to dressy.
  • Anything that illustrates your life &/or style.
  • Have a furry friend? Bring them along! (Just chat with me first so we can coordinate properly.)

Custom Classic


Sit back and relax as Adrienne does it all, from helping coordinate outfits to creating the perfect scene for capturing powerful portraits.


The custom classic portrait is our most popular option if you are looking for beautifully crafted fine art portraits. Adrienne will direct & guide you in an effort to showcase all of your amazing qualities!


$550 -$850*


Sessions yield 100+ images; time allotted for several outfits. We'll help select items which best illustrate your personality & unique style.


Yields 5 final images, professionally edited & ready for printing. *Weekend session $850 pending availability.


*Preferred Clients receive all digital files.

(See; digital options)

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*bw photo by Sara Brennen-Harrell

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