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hi & welcome While I am many things, I was an artist first. The Savannah College of Art & Design helped me forge my way as a photographer. With my B.F.A in hand, I launched my studio in 2002. My images quickly gained national attention in the press & print competitions. Fifteen years later I am content knowing my art remains a part of peoples lives, bringing joyful memories back to life.

Every year welcomes us with new challenges and unforeseen journeys. I've embraced my role as an artist and I want to continue inspiring others. I've teamed up with other local Kansas City businesses to provide even more ways to celebrate any occasion in life.
Hi, I'm Adrienne
Fun Facts about me Standing just over 5 feet, I've accepted my small stature. It's especially beneficial when fitting in small spaces, like the floor of a limo!

Real red head problems. I burn in minutes! I'm determined to bring the parasol back into vogue.

I collect chairs.. it's hard turning down a gorgeous chair. Currently I'm up to 14 chairs & 3 couches in my studio. Is that too many?

Born & raised in South Georgia, I relocated to Kansas City in 2005. I hide my accent but occasionally, it slips out.

I squeak with delight when my shutter clicks and I know I've caught a moment. My greatest joy has come from connecting with families and capturing their stories throughout the years.
- Robin & Stan {Oct 2017} "Adrienne was exactly what I needed on our wedding day: the first to arrive, the last to leave, attentive, keenly aware and charming.
the journey My Story

I'm Adrienne Maples, a fine artist, photographer and entrepreneur in Kansas City and I love preserving memories for my clients. I'm creative, passionate, fun-loving and I hope to inspire you!

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