3/4 length portrait of Adrienne Maples in pink jeans and white tank top.

I am a professional photographer, artist & creative director based out of Kansas City.


My specialty? The ability to transform any scene into something magical using what I call 'the layering effect'.


I engage with my subjects, capturing personality + directing all the elements required to create powerful stories.


I can effectively help you create intentional branding and emotional advertising campaigns.


I have a vision; and I won't stop until I've properly seen it through.


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my loves

My one and only super princess Emmaline (that verse is best when sung aloud)


Life changed when she made me a mother. She's my reminder happiness is a choice.


Pete the pizza-


A nickname earned after swiping an entire pizza. He left NO evidence but the give away was when he put himself in his crate!


My Clients...


Forming relationships and being part of creating memories is the best part of my job! I'm passionate about telling stories and my clients are the reason why.

Adrienne Maples with three children laughing at the camera for a selfie.

Meet the Photographer

Meet the photographer and artist, Adrienne Maples, lover of light and collector of chairs. Not to mention, she’s an internationally award winning photographer.

Just over five feet tall, Adrienne may be small in stature but she makes up for it with her large personality, talent and passion for photography. Get her talking about photography and it’s easy to understand why families and businesses return year after year.

The Photographer launched her studio at 22. She’d just graduated with her B.F.A in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design, one of the most prestigious art and design schools in the country. Riding an ascending wave of national exposure after moving to Kansas City, her images appeared on the covers of magazines. She was highlighted in feature articles, newspapers, advertisements & blogs. With exposure and artistry comes industry accolades – and the industry is recognizing her work.

Adrienne is an award winning member of the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) and WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) – an offer extended by industry professionals to the most talented photographers in the industry.

She gives back to the Kansas City community by serving on the boards at AIGA and KCAC (Kansas City Artist Coalition). In 2024, she organized an event for Kansas City Design Week focusing on the challenges and benefits AI brings to the creative industry.

meet the photographer

Interviewed by John McManus, images by Melissa Slater with Bee Posh


Q :: You graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design more than a decade ago, what do you know about yourself as an artist now verses back then… when you were fresh out of college?


Adrienne :: I can’t believe it’s already been 15 years! Ha. That puts it into perspective. I’ve loved and lost.. that’s for sure.


Honestly, I am still learning about myself ‘the artist’ every single day. When I was ‘fresh’, I knew nothing and I fell in love fast. Perspective is something earned; only gained after many mistakes and a lot of trial and error.

Ultimately, the trials of life make us who we are.

It’s hard to know who you’ll become at 22. Learning to become a mother has changed me in ways I can’t begin to fully describe. But I can seen it throughout the evolution of my work. I can see all of the fundamental changes that I’ve undergone. It’s all there, just beneath the surface.

The stories of everyday life influences me. Every day is different. First thing upon waking, you don’t know what will unfold by day’s end.

Although there is one thing has not changed and that, my friend, is my love of creating beautiful images!

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