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AI Limitations Can’t Match my Ability to Capture Authentic Moments

She’d left the door open for me, stepping inside I found myself enveloped in a whirlwind of activity— the two small children darting around the living room, their giggles filling the air, as my client juggled lunch while applying her makeup. Noticing her frazzled state, I wasted no time by springing into action. “Hi beautiful!”...

Is Photography Doomed by A.I. Advancements?

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing various industries, and photography is no exception. Some claim this is a time for innovation. Others fear the erosion of photography’s artistic essence. Debating the potential for AI to replace traditional photography requires considerate examination of the advantages, limitations, and ethical considerations associated with this seismic shift in...

Will AI Generated Headshots Replace the REAL Thing?

Early last year, AI headshots went vial on TicTok resulting in a surge of AI programs designed to give you the ‘perfect’ fake headshot. For less that $30, you could feed the machine a variety of selfies and out comes a several variations of your likeness. But are these images really YOU? For the last...

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Who is Adrienne

Internationally award-winning photographer, Adrienne Maples weaves together powerful narratives using light & a camera.


She's an AI enthusiast passionate about teaching others how to use technology responsibly for the greater good.


Known for her 'spunk & pizazz', she uses her creative eye to direct & curate images that transform mediocrity into something extraordinary.

In her free time, you can find her digging in her garden, hosting impromptu dance parties with her daughter or practicing her evil laugh.

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