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Natalie & Joe GatesThere is truly no one
better. In a chaotic
atmosphere she

captures the most
intimate moments.
effortlesslyyearsAdrienne Maples
has been taking pictures for our family for
Professional, Energetic, and Creative photographer... Adrienne is the one! She and her team went above and beyond anything I could have imagined".Sarah Wilson"If you are looking for an incredibly talented

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Why Choose Adrienne for your Children's Portraits

Relax, I'm a Professional

Trust- this is the most important factor when selecting a photographer. Every photographer has their own style & approach.


I'm not the perfect photographer for everyone but if you want an experience worth remembering, you're in good hands.

Planning for your Photo shoot


If this is your first time working with me, I'll provide you with pointers on planning for the perfect session!


From what to wear to the perfect time of day, together we'll review the details of what you'd like captured and plan accordingly.


What do I wear?

Choose clothing YOU feel GOOD wearing. Select 2 main colors & an accent color considering what colors work with your home.


Ideally, your photographs will enhance the walls of your home, choose colors you envision throughout your home.

Personal STYLIST


Worried about how you'll look on the other side of the camera? Don't be! I'll direct and guide you into the frame, avoiding unflattering angles and telling you if your bra strap is showing.


From selecting the perfect outdoor location to styling a room in your home, I'll personalize your experience so you can focus on the things that really matter.

What do I get?


When it comes to photography, we tend to think 'more' is better. But having more frames to look through doesn't equate to higher quality!


I was taught to wait for the right moment, rather than overshooting. Shooting digitally is beneficial because I CAN shoot without the worries of running out of film. But I still believe in capturing the perfect moment.

Like Part of the Family


Hands down, the best part of my job is watching my client families grow and change throughout the years.


I'll cheer with you as you celebrate your children's achievements and I'll shed more than a few tears when they leave for college.

Photographer's Viewpoint

... a resulting image.

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