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AI Limitations Can’t Match my Ability to Capture Authentic Moments

She’d left the door open for me, stepping inside I found myself enveloped in a whirlwind of activity— the two small children darting around the living room, their giggles filling the air, as my client juggled lunch while applying her makeup. Noticing her frazzled state, I wasted no time by springing into action. “Hi beautiful!”...

Is Photography Doomed by A.I. Advancements?

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing various industries, and photography is no exception. Some claim this is a time for innovation. Others fear the erosion of photography’s artistic essence. Debating the potential for AI to replace traditional photography requires considerate examination of the advantages, limitations, and ethical considerations associated with this seismic shift in...

3 Reasons Why Stock photography won’t Elevate Your Brand

Stock photography can be a great solution for social media feed; however it’s typically generic and less engaging. When cutting costs by using stock photography, you’ll compromise your marketing efforts with watered down imagery. Here are 3 reasons custom photography is the only option when planning your next marketing campaign. Personalize your Brand Stock photography...

Have you Considered WHY Your Professional Headshot Matters?

When it comes to selling your brand, no one is going to do the job like you. Your profile image is your calling card. It’s the very first impression you make! Using your favorite ‘selfie’ on your business page looks unprofessional. Consider how you feel when researching a company online? If the CEO is using...

Experience Spontaneity with Family Photography Like Never Before

How often do you delay scheduling your ‘annual family photo session’? If you’ve had an unpleasant photography experience in the past, you’re likely to avoid scheduling in the future. And I’ll be the first to tell you, things never go exactly how we plan! But what if there was a different approach which left you...

Join my Artist Community, Get exclusive access!

Why create an artist community? It’s been on my mind for a while now… creating a safe place to share my art & my journey with the people in my life. As much as I’d like to have weekly discussions with all of the friends, clients, colleagues, & mentors I’ve met throughout my life- there...

Now offering Photography Classes in Overland Park

Photography is an art form that’s captivated minds for centuries. Photography allows us to preserve memories and emotions in a way nothing else can. It’s true, these days anyone can ‘snap a photo’. If you shoot enough frames you’re bound to get something decent. But if you don’t spend time learning how to create an...

Why Kansas City Opportunities are the Best

Since choosing Kansas City as home in 2005, I’m always finding new reasons why I love this city. Initially I was drawn to the sense of peace I felt, knowing this is the place I belong. Investing in the community gave rise to a plethora of opportunities which presented themselves! Kansas City has opportunities for...

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