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Newborn Photographer; Tricks of the Trade

How to create Artistic Newborn Photographs

newborn baby portraits

Newborn photographs are easy, right? 

The baby just curls up and sleeps the entire time while the photographer snaps away.

The photographer props their tiny head on their hands and the magic just happens…. but the truth is newborn babies can’t actually support their heads by themselves.

The neck muscles develop over time so propping a newborn on their tiny little hands is UN-realistic.

The images when you see a newborn propped up on their hands is actually a combinations of images stitched together in Photoshop.

Image by Rebecca Danzenbaker.

PhotoShop can create stunning effects via post-production… my style is true to life and reminiscent of film.

Using light, texture and a limited color palette, I can create a unique still life every time I work with a newborn without finding any need for elaborate props. (Although, a few personal items can add a fun personal element!)

newborn baby little brother
Nature moments are more intimate and natural than a posed baby.

Before becoming a mom with my own Newborn, I was clueless!

To be honest, I wasn’t always great with newborns! One of my early newborn sessions took place when I was 8 weeks pregnant. The baby cried the entire time! I spent FOUR hours in a futile effort to provide assistance.

As it turned out the baby was suffering from acid re-flux, but at the time none of us knew.

I didn’t have the skills to calm a baby or comfortably maneuver them into something photo worthy.

Initially, I didn’t think I was cut out for this particular realm of photography; but motherhood was just around the corner to teach me the lessons I needed.

little brother artistic newborn

Newborn Photography requires patience and practice.

After the birth of my own child, spending day in and day out with a newborn, gave me the understanding needed to handle newborn babies. Now I work with newborns on a regular basis and my images reflect the vision of a mother.

These days I have an arsenal of time tested tricks that help me capture these fleeting days with your newborn baby!

newborn baby boy cooing
xoxo adrienne signing off
A natural approach with the innate ability to capture moments. I'm always amazed, year after year, I've yet to meet another photographer who comes close to matching her abilities!"Sarah Temps"Master at her craft! Absolutely, without a doubt, the best photographer.

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When I'm not behind the camera or teaching photography, I enjoy singing in the shower, perfecting my evil laugh & impromptu dance parties in my living room.

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