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What do I wear?

What do I wear on my photo shoot?

It happens all the time. You take the plunge and indulge in family photos but now ‘what do I wear?’ and ‘what do I bring?’

Wear something you feel comfortable wearing! You don’t want to be tugging at your pants or re-adjusting your top because it doesn’t fit right.  It’s a top priority choosing something you feel confident wearing!

Choose a ‘color theme’ & pick clothing that fits within those parameters.  Vary looks by mixing textures & accessories that add personality.  Below are some specific tips to help you make the best decision regarding your clothing options.


Immediate Family Photos

Keep it simple but don’t be afraid of TEXTURE!!

Solid colors or small simple prints work best.  Typically I suggest only the children wear small prints & the adults stick to solid colors.  Pick two colors in the same tonal range: pastels (pinks and blues), primary colors (red and blue), or earth tones (navy, tan, burgundy, or green). Outside, families often wear jeans or Dockers with coordinating shirts or sweaters. But dressier outfits are always welcome- just be sure you will be comfortable sitting on the ground!

*Remember, accessories are great- I highly recommend bringing extras so we change up your look.

investment-amaplesPreparing your EXTENDED FAMILY for Group Photos

Large family reunion type groups need special consideration. The person organizing the group should determine whether the style of the portrait would be formal or casual. It is important that all the families know the “theme” of the photo. If one family comes in suits and dresses and another comes in jeans and T-shirts, there will be no cohesion. Short or long sleeves photograph better than sleeveless shirts. Women will often be seated, so skirts should cover the knees and be comfortable loose. (You might want to print these tips and give them to the other families).


Again, the biggest thing to remember about choosing your clothing is to pick something you feel comfortable in and most importantly- something that feels like yourself.  I always suggest for women to accessorize, just be aware not to go overboard.  Simplify– choose clothing without a lot of detail- it will distract from the portrait.   Couples should coordinate their clothing together, following the same rules as listed for family groups.  Pick colors in the same tonal range or choose earthy colors.  Keep in mind where the portrait will be taken.  If you are planning a shoot in the park, green would probably not be the best color.  Choose something that will add to the scenery.  Adversely- neutral colors, earth tones & whites can look fantastic on the beach at sunset!  If we are shooting at one of KC’s many fountains, decide before the shoot if you want to get wet.


Tips to Remember:

  • Ladies remember to bring lipstick and powder.
  • Men don’t forget to bring a belt.
  • If you need a haircut, have it done at least a week before so that it has time to look natural
  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up to make your portraits unique- For instance, if you have a fun dress for your little girl (as seen below), select colors within the outfit to dress the rest of the family.



For children, follow the same rules as above. Pastels work best for babies. Primary colors work better with older children. Avoid outfits with large animal characters or logos with large letters. These often direct the eye to the clothing and away from the face of the child. We often photograph babies and children with no shoes on in their casual outfits. If the child is clothed in a dressy outfit, please make sure that they have clean, polished dress shoes (not sneakers) and socks to match the outfit.  I often suggest simple sun dresses for girls and khakis for boys.  When photographing groups of children, I suggest coordinating their outfits together.  Choose clothing that compliments their personality.

It’s a good idea to bring a favorite toy or something that can keep their attention.  Keep in mind this shoot is about bringing out the personality in your child.  If they enjoy being read to or playing catch, try to incorporate those things in the shoot.

kansas_city_portrait_photographer_Favorite_moments_brothersWe will help you feel at ease and try to make you feel comfortable in your poses.  Remember be comfortable, be yourself, and feel free to act in front of the camera


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I'm Adrienne Maples, a fine artist, photographer and entrepreneur in Kansas City and I love preserving memories for my clients. I'm creative, passionate, fun-loving and I hope to inspire you!

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