Requesting Digital Files

Your proof images will be available for viewing 5-7 days after your session.

After 30 days, all un-ordered images will be purged unless you are a preferred client!
When will my proofs be online for viewing?
The true treasure of your
portrait session is the creation of stunning, custom art works for your home & life
submit your request nowAfter you submit your file request, we color correct each image, adjust for density and optimize for printing up to 8x10. Within 5-7 business days, your images will be available for direct download via Dropbox.When will I receive my digital files ?

Here’s how to request your digital files-

All photography services include a set of digital *files for personal printing (*number depends on your session purchase). Select images by referencing the file number under the thumbnail.

Locating your Image Numbers

After choosing your images, use the form below to submit your numbers (scroll down the page). Your image files will be exported, color corrected, adjusted for density and personally optimized for your personal printing purposes.

When will my files be ready?

Generally your file will be ready for downloading 12-14 business days after your request is submitted and received. Look out for our email for confirmation and a link for accessing your files.

When you receive your files; DOWNLOAD THEM IMMEDIATELY- they will remain online for ONE WEEK!

If you are a Loyalty Client…

For families with a current signed up with our  Loyalty Plan, will receive ALL watermarked proofs. With the annual purchase minimum, you’ll receive a complete set of digital proofs without watermark.

Your mages are optimized and watermarked ready for posting online.  The watermark protects your images from being stolen & used without permission by a third party.  Remember to credit us when sharing on social media!

use the form to request the
image files included with your session
file request

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Digital Edited Files vs. Digital Proofs

What's the Difference?

Digital Proof Files; $25 per 5x7 file

Straight from camera NO adjustments, files optimized as JPG's for printing 5x7 and smaller.


Digital Edited Files: $100 per 11x14 file

Cropped to specifications, corrected with Adrienne's signature approach to color, adjusted for optimal printing anywhere.


Request Additional Files

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