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Small Intimate Wedding in Kansas City Embrace all of the Charm

Are you planning a small intimate wedding in Kansas City? Big weddings often steal the spotlight but after years of photographing big weddings I’ve learned how a small intimate wedding can offer a lovely alternative to the pomp and circumstance of a big event. Smaller weddings are filled with personal touches and heartfelt moments that...

Make time for Family Portraits with our Spring Savings

Spring Savings are in here for your family when you book photography services by April 15th! Have you been putting off your family photos… again? It’s so easy to do! Even I have a hard time planning to photograph my daughter. Life is always changing- throwing us curve balls and unexpected challenges when we least...

6 Tips for Hiring a Photographer your Boss will Love

Hire a Photographer who matches your style. Before you begin the hunt for your photographer, clearly define the visual style and the type of images you wish to create. (This is where Pinterest comes in handy!) Consider your color scheme, mood, and overall aesthetic. Starting here will help narrow your search to photographers whose style...

How does HUMAN ability trump AI in photography?

The door open was unlocked for me. Jenn was still getting ready so I stepped inside, as I called out ‘hello.’ Their giggles came from the living room. The children were running around the living room and I immediately found myself enveloped in a whirlwind of activity— Jenn said hello as she gathered lunch, all...

Is Photography Doomed by A.I. Advancements?

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing various industries, and photography is no exception. Some claim this is a time for innovation. Others fear the erosion of photography’s artistic essence. Debating the potential for AI to replace traditional photography requires considerate examination of the advantages, limitations, and ethical considerations associated with this seismic shift in...

Kansas City Embraces Artists as a Pathway to Exploration

Nestled in the Nation’s heartland, Kansas City is emerging as a vibrant hub for artists seeking inspiration, community, and opportunity. From its thriving arts districts to its innovative programs and initiatives, the city actively embraces and supports its creative community in a myriad of ways. Let’s explore how Kansas City is fostering a culture of...

Will AI Generated Headshots Replace the REAL Thing?

Early last year, AI headshots went vial on TicTok resulting in a surge of AI programs designed to give you the ‘perfect’ fake headshot. For less that $30, you could feed the machine a variety of selfies and out comes a several variations of your likeness. But are these images really YOU? For the last...


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Adrienne Maples


Kansas City photographer, Adrienne Maples, weaves together powerful narratives with her photographs to create mood and evoke emotion.


She's an AI enthusiast, passionate about teaching others how to use technology responsibly for the greater good. Known for her 'spunk & pizazz', she directs from behind her camera, finding impromptu designing to transform mediocrity into the extraordinary.


She a board member of AIGA and KCAC. As a committee member of KCDW, she organized the 2024 talks: The A.I. Asset, Creator as Curator.

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