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Cheap & Easy Tricks for Halloween Decor

Decorating for Halloween It’s mid- October, and you’re either a parents who long ago checked ‘ Halloween Decorating’ off your list or or you’re like me scrabbling just before the holiday! After repeated pleas from my daughter, I knew an attempt at decorating was required. But Halloween decor doesn’t need to be expensive or time...

What the Dog Taught Me

In the beginning, I wondered who would be potty trained first.  As if that was actually a real question? Of course the dog would train first.  Dogs are easy. Children & Husbands are the ones who need a shock collar. Kidding! I’ve never actually considered using a shock collar… it’s just a funny notion to...

Tattoo the Brand

Lying back on the chair I held my right wrist tightly, attempting to relax as the tattoo artist traced the precise lines of silhouetted birds onto my pale, sensitive skin. As his needle buzzed, I allowed myself to come to terms with my new identity; single mom, divorcee, ex-wife. This was the first moment in a long...

An Inability to Publish

It happened without intention… At some point over the summer, I realized I was having trouble hitting the ‘publish’ button. I was agonizing over which images to accompany my words.. Frustrated, I would give up & instead play make-believe with my daughter. My website was hacked two years ago.  While that seems like a long time ago, my...

Adrienne in Action

Here I am, behind the scenes reflecting on the last 12 years.  It’s been an amazing honor to work with all of you over the last decade.  I love all of your children & take pride in capturing a lifetime of memories for each of you. I am excited to see what we capture over the...

She is Entering the ‘Terrible Three’s’

Emmaline skips around the living room. She is singing to herself, something random & made-up, probably to the turn of ‘Twinkle-twinkle little star’…    I could simply watch her for hours.  I smile at her gestures, completely honest… uninhibited, simple & innocent.  She is perfectly innocent & I can think of nothing but what I...

Lyme Disease Awareness

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month {don’t be afraid; instead KNOW how to protect & prevent} I pulled the first tick from my baby’s delicate skin today.  It was a tiny spec that looked like a freckle, but I knew instantly it didn’t belong.  I took out a magnifying glass & a sharp pair of pointed...

Thankfully Yours

My Emmaline loves Elmo & Dora.  She enjoys bellowing out the ‘ABCs’ with anyone who’s so inclined & humming along to most any song she hears.  We play ‘peek-a-boo’ & read favorite books.  She loves milk & cheese.. peas & broccoli.. and is usually happy at meal time- no more throwing food.   At bedtime, we sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ together (something I...

Losing a Furry Friend

it’s been a week since we put our furry friend to sleep… & a month since I’ve written anything on this blog. I found that every time I started a blog post, I wanted to tell the story of Tsunga- the first friend we made when we moved to Kansas City & the best darn...

Love in the Time of Kodachrome

The break-up is always harder when you realize in later years … just how much you miss the relationship but not necessarily the girl. This distracting epiphany presented itself in the middle of a wedding a few years ago while shooting some bridal portraits. She posed for me in a fantastically rustic soybean field, mottled...

An internationally award winning artist, Adrienne Maples creates dynamic portraits & pieces together powerful narratives through her still photographs. Known for her 'spunk & pizazz', her talent is in her ability to transform mediocrity into something extraordinary.

In her free time, you can find her digging in the dirt, hosting impromptu dance parties with her daughter or practicing her evil laugh.

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