When Julie Burton went viral: Part One

Photos by Samantha Levi

Listen below to Part ONE of my interview with Julie Burton.

The voice in her head is a funny one.

Julie Burton is a mother and a writer who uses her sense of humor to relate to others about daily life. As a mother of two girls she’ll flat out tell you her job is raising strong, proud daughters. She always puts them first but that doesn’t mean she takes things too seriously!


Today on Getting Social, I visit with Julie Burton.

She is a published author, mother of girls, self-proclaimed ‘bacon-hater and all around funny gal.

We’ll discuss how she became a published author on Amazon back to the day she went viral. And how she handled the pressure of CNN & the rest of the world calling to interview her kindergartener.

She’s just released her third book, the Jen Mann NYT Best-Selling anthology series titled, “Will Work for Apples.”

You can laugh with Julie every month by reading her column in SimplyKC Magazine and for instant gratification, you can find her everyday on social media @ksujulie

Let’s listen in as we have a conversation about what it’s like to go viral, how to handle haters and how we can all relate to the inner struggles of balancing art, life and parenting in this digital age.

Photos by Samantha Levi

Julie Burton is a small town Kansas girl who obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University with her focus on Journalism. She is a content writer for Filter Free Parents, and always named “funniest parents” on the lists compiled by Huffington Post, The Today Show, and Buzzfeed, to name a few.


How can you support artists like Julie?

Pick up Her Book

book will work for apples

If you’re looking for a great gift for a teacher you’ll want to snag her latest book, “Will Work for Apples.” This anthology series by Jen Mann is compiled of heartwarming stories about teachers who made a real difference in the lives of the authors. They’re $18 but if you’re a teacher, Julie will give you a discount!

Follow along and engage with artists online

The easiest way to support creative professionals like Julie is to follow along on social media and engage when you see something you like. It’s fulfilling knowing you’ve inspired someone with your words or made someone laugh at your joke.

On Rejection

I fail a lot.

I throw pitches all the time to magazines or book anthologies, story ideas to big publishing websites.

I get rejection letters a lot.

Writing will give you a backbone real quick! I know I can write  -but it stings a little every time someone doesn’t like what I wrote and tells me: fix it.

Julie Burton

Meet Julie at Creative Mornings in Kansas City

Next Friday, Julie will be presenting a little something at Creative Mornings here in Kansas City. You can find more information by visiting the Creative Morning Website or following along on their Facebook Page.

Reserve your tickets HERE for this FRIDAY 8:30-10:00

Remember to get your tickets for this month’s Creative Morning on Monday May 13th for Friday May the 17th!

xoxo adrienne signing off

View the original post about ‘Shame‘ on Julie’s Blog: JulieBurton.blog; Get social with Julie! Follow along @ksujulie

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