How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer for YOU!

Find the BEST Wedding Photographer for you!

Have you ever attended a wedding and couldn’t help but notice the wedding photographer? They either stood out because they were extraordinary or you noticed them because they were obnoxious. I’ve attended enough weddings as a guest to experience BOTH of these situations.

Finding the BEST wedding photographer is different for every couple. After 15 years of documenting couples from engagement to raising children, I’ve learned a few things from watching families grow and evolve.

Which brings me back to choosing the right photographer.

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Photographers can be broken down into two basic categories: Amateur vs. Professional.

The major difference will be your photographer’s education & time spend behind the camera.  I suggest hiring a professional who’s survived at least 5 years in the wedding industry. After 5 years, they should have enough experience to bring the right equipment and anticipate moments.

Nationwide markets vary considerably; however in the Midwest for a time tested pro, you should expect to pay between $3000- $5000 for wedding coverage during prime wedding season.

If you can’t afford a pro photographer, check out the local art scene. It is possible to find a budding artist who doesn’t yet know what they are worth! But don’t expect too much if you ask a friend just got a ‘nice’ camera & takes good pics with their iPhone.  

Remember the old adage: ‘The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price.’

Your wedding photographs will be one of the lasting tangible things from your wedding day and your images will reflect your experience. Skilled photographers know how to be there at just the right moment without getting in the way.

Your friend with the nice camera… well, they might just step on your veil as you walk down the aisle. (True story!)

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What to expect when hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer?

There are a few basic things we expect when hiring a professional to provide a service.  

We expect a professional to be able answer questions about their craft. They should be knowledgeable about industry standards and clarify expectations about their process.

For instance, when you have a leaky faucet you google search for a plumber. You expect your plumber will utilize his education and experience in his field to determine your problem.  Then you expect the plumber to fix the problem without being told how to proceed.

The seasoned wedding photographer will solve problems that arise without being told what to do or what to photograph.

We remain silent observers moving throughout your wedding day and interacting when required. We will quickly solving lighting scenarios and creating light when necessary, constantly thinking ahead to select the perfect lens for the next scene. (READ our wedding brochure HERE)

Lasting industry professional are the ones who abide by certain standards and ethics. Ultimately, your professional will deliver what they’ve promised on time and exceed your expectations.

What about Style?

With lots of buzz making the rounds to define wedding photographers, it can be hard to determine what ‘style’ is right for you. Spend some time finding photographs that resonate with you. Try not to be swept away by gimmicks or flashy websites.  Instead search for images that make you feel something. The mark of a great photographer is one you can connect with through their imagery.

When your wedding day finally rolls around, it’s best to trust the professionals you’ve hired to run the day. Unless you think you’d enjoy running around in a wedding dress directing people?

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Searching for the ONE

Ultimately the web will lead you to your answer and by this point, I’m certain you’ve already googled ‘wedding photographer’ and been overwhelmed by the search results! We live in an age of instant gratification where digital imagery fills our screens and lives.

The digital revolution created a surge of amateur photographers in every industry but particularly in the wedding industry. The discerning bride will look through hundreds of websites while planning her wedding.

Statistically, more than HALF of those websites will lead to individuals who’ve been in business less than 3 years. That’s not very much experience! The Knot comes up first in search results and it’s loaded with HUNDREDS of photographers to look through.

You should fall in love with your wedding photographer.

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