Unlock Your Inner Photographer: Captivating Classes in Overland Park!

Do you want to learn photography?

Have you been searching for a photography class in Overland Park and found there aren’t many great options? Well your search is over friend! I’ve decided to share my knowledge and offer custom photography classes for aspiring photographer

Photography Classes for Beginners

We now offer photography classes designed for beginners. We begin by building a basic foundation learning to use the basic tools of the camera: ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture.

After each class, we encourage students to practice assignments while referencing the source materials provided. We ask students to practice & complete assignments prior to each lesson.

Every lesson will begin by reviewing the assignment & discussing whether the student achieved the objective.

Individual Photography Classes are $75/ per class

  • individual classes are 90 minutes
  • curriculum is based on individual needs

Private Photography Classes $250/ 6 classes

  • 90 minutes
  • DSLR required (camera body, lens & flash card)

Zoom Lessons are also available as needed by appointment.

Are you ready to get your camera out of program mode & start creating?!


the Photographer

Adrienne Maples


Kansas City photographer, Adrienne Maples, weaves together powerful narratives with her photographs to create mood and evoke emotion.


She's an AI enthusiast, passionate about teaching others how to use technology responsibly for the greater good. Known for her 'spunk & pizazz', she directs from behind her camera, finding impromptu designing to transform mediocrity into the extraordinary.


She a board member of AIGA and KCAC. As a committee member of KCDW, she organized the 2024 talks: The A.I. Asset, Creator as Curator.

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