Why Kansas City Opportunities are the Best

Since choosing Kansas City as home in 2005, I’m always finding new reasons why I love this city. Initially I was drawn to the sense of peace I felt, knowing this is the place I belong. Investing in the community gave rise to a plethora of opportunities which presented themselves!

parade of hearts ku

Kansas City has opportunities for artists.

This Spring Kansas City hosted an interactive art show: The Parade of Hearts which featured more than 100 local artists! Disappointed I didn’t see the call for artists, I remained proud of how AMAZING this opportunity was for the city, its artists and the community.

The idea of uniting the Community through the Parade of Hearts resonated with me and I used the opportunity to investigate new parts of town.

It was also good reason to force myself outside, creating photographs for no reason other than illustrating the world in front of me.

My next heart visit I planned alone, heading back to the University of Kansas Hospital. And I spent the day reflecting on the opportunity I received during my first job as a photographer for KU Medical Center.

While documenting a series of lectures about reproductive care, I met Dr. Harvey Karp, the author of The Happiest Baby on the Block.

Incidentally the ONLY baby book I actually read!

Delighted by the opportunity to meet him, I wasn’t properly prepared to ask him my burning questions!? His practical advice in, ‘The Happiest Toddler on the Block,’ really taught me how to understand the children in a new way.

Believe it or not, Dr. Karp made photographing children much easier. But now I need another book about how to raise a teenager!

xoxo adrienne signing off


the Photographer

Adrienne Maples


Kansas City photographer, Adrienne Maples, weaves together powerful narratives with her photographs to create mood and evoke emotion.


She's an AI enthusiast, passionate about teaching others how to use technology responsibly for the greater good. Known for her 'spunk & pizazz', she directs from behind her camera, finding impromptu designing to transform mediocrity into the extraordinary.


She a board member of AIGA and KCAC. As a committee member of KCDW, she organized the 2024 talks: The A.I. Asset, Creator as Curator.

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