My Fair Wedding with David Tutera

On March 15th I got an excited text message from my office assistant. She had just answered a call from someone with David Tutera weddings team. For those who aren’t familiar, David Tutera is a celebrity wedding planner who has a show on the WE network called ‘My Fair Wedding‘. They were contacting us about an episode they were shooting in Topeka, KS & they wanted my team to photograph the details of the day.

I must admit, I wasn’t very excited about the opportunity. This probably had everything to do with the fact that I was in active labor when I got the message!! Yes, you read that right. I was at the hospital, only a few hours away from holding my baby girl for the first time. So getting a call from the Tutera team ranked low on my current list of exciting news.

But with the shoot planned just THREE short weeks away, they needed an answer quickly! I only had 24 hours to decide if I wanted the gig. And for those who haven’t given birth… just understand that 3 weeks post-partum isn’t much time! I had no idea how I would feel or if I would be able to stand on my feet! I didn’t know what to expect since this was the birth of my first child.

But I rarely turn down a challenge… especially one that involves talented people like Mr. Tutera.

The show aired this past Sunday (Nov 13th) on the WE network. Check your local listing for repeats. It’s a heart warming episode about a special kid who wants just one simple wish for his mom. It was very touching & I was happy to be part of it.

Now that the show made it’s debut, I’ve been cleared to blog about the experience & show off some of the amazing details!








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