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We pull up to pre-school, late- per usual.  The entrance is blocked off since the kids are riding bikes in the circle drive. I didn’t remember to plan for ‘Bike Day.’

My girl doesn’t have a helmet!?

Once again, the thought arises; ‘I am a terrible mom!’

At this point, my daughter is four and I’m constantly feeling inadequate.

My girl grabs my hand, marching forward with no indication that anything is wrong.  She doesn’t feel left out and she has no expectations of what I should or should not have done.  We are stopped by another girl from class who promptly tells me her name, showing me her pink bike and matching helmet.

Well- this is MY mommy‘  Emmaline squeezes my hand, claiming me with pride.

My heart swells. She is PROUD to be my daughter for no reason other than I am hers?!  I want to bottle this moment, hold it close & never forget.

But babies don’t keep…

The first few years of your child’s life is overwhelming, to say the least!  We blink & things have changed.

As soon as we learn how to manage, they change & GROW- starting the process all over again.

It’s difficult scheduling time for yourself.

There is always something that needs to be done and remembering to schedule photos is NEVER at the top of anyone’s list.

That’s where I come in-

Once your baby arrives, I’ll come to your home {within 7-12 days; trust me on this!}

We will follow up every few months to see what stage you’ve reached & we’ll plan accordingly.

Typically we look to document the stages below- but every family is different. Any major event is a reason to celebrate as well as simple joys like getting a new puppy or losing your two front teeth!  Our children are daily reminders to enjoy small moments and see the world fresh through their eyes.

Always feel free to contact us if you want to schedule a session at any time (913-549-3335 or assistant@amaples.com)


Newborn: (within the first 12 days) Nurse just before our visit & get out a heating pad if you have one. Keep your house a little warmer than typical for this shoot. We don’t need a ton of outfits, just a few cut accessories like hats, bows, fun blankets & cute bloomers. Mostly we’ll want the wee bit in his or her birthday suit!

Don’t feel the need to clean your house or even shower!   The first few weeks are exhausting & my talent lies in my ability to work with anything. I usually want a few photos with mom &/or dad, but these are typically b&w documentary shots that don’t reveal much. We understand how you feel just after giving birth!

First Smiles: (between 3-5 months) Usually around 4 months things start to change (for the better!) Not only is your little one smiling, cooing & laughing but mom usually starts to feel more like herself again! These days your little one is starting to change drastically & starting to look more like themselves.

For Baby: Pick a couple of outfits- simple patterns but solids work best, cute bloomers & pants, accessories are fun at any stage. We will still plan on doing a few photos in their birthday suit!

Sitting Up: (between 6-8 months) This stage is extremely fun! Most babies are sitting on their own but can’t quite crawl away just yet. It’s really time to start baby proofing! We can capture a variety of expressions at this age. We typically ask mom & dad to get a little silly so we can capture true to life grins & giggles.

For Baby: Again a couple of outfits- simple patterns but solids work best. Think about color coordinating with previous sessions so when we group these images together they flow better.

For Mom & Dad: We usually take some family photos at this point. Stick to solid colors & color coordinate together. You want to look like yourselves & not too formal.

Crawling/ Pulling Up/ Walking: (between 9-12 months) These sessions usually take a little longer since we are usually chasing a toddler around! Ideally these sessions are most enjoyable at the family home.

I'm Adrienne Maples, a fine artist, photographer and entrepreneur in Kansas City and I love preserving memories for my clients. I'm creative, passionate, fun-loving and I hope to inspire you!

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