What to expect during your newborn session?

'Oh no.. it's happening!'

The new mom exclaims frantically as she uses her hand to shield the mustard yellow poop from shooting onto my spotless, antique, ivory couch.  

It's only spotless because it frequently gets cleaned by me & my good friend Oxy-Clean.  I've removed the many stains of childhood plenty of times.  It was recently attacked by a toddler with a red crayon and before that, another baby girl who couldn't hang on to her lunch.

You see, this is common place.  It happens almost every time.

Kids are messy. Life is messy.

I am prepared for these things to happen.  You've JUST had a baby & we will work around your newborn!  You will probably nurse your new baby several times... and change them several times.  But the best thing about a single photograph is the power to freeze 'a moment'... lock that moment down... so that the in-between no longer matters.

Keep reading to see my tips on how to best prepare for your newborn portrait session. 

think textures:
fun, funky, frilly?!

dress comfortably &
be ready to nurse :)

Relax... we've got this!
oh yes !! PRO TIP : Throw everything into a basket and we'll make decisions when you arrive!
Tips & Tricks Neutrals are timeless
Denim is a winner ;)
Pick three colors, 2 main & 1 accent
Accessories are great (but less says more)
THINK: Mixing Texture & Fabrics

AVOID: busy patterns, loud colors, sleeveless

Newborns are sweet & sleepy: keep it simple!

  • Choose, solid onesie, simple cloth diaper covers, & swaddling blankets
  • Knitted caps, bonnets & ribbons (cute for a few frames)
  • A few special heirlooms like a silver rattle
  • Extra blankets & textures for variety

"I can remember how stressful life was just days after giving birth. I didn't look or feel like myself. Gross, FAT and tired... oh so tired. If you haven't planned for newborn photos, it can be hard to convince yourself after the baby arrives."