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Combining an exceptional blend of professionalism and impeccable artistry, Adrienne is widely recognized as an artistic master of light and life. While many photographers find themselves lost in the technology, Adrienne realizes that people – their lives – are the true subjects of her artistry. A happy life-long client observes, "Adrienne's Southern charm, her spunk, pizzazz, and enthusiasm are a perfect match for creating such beautiful memories ..." amanda happy bride; Fall 2007
hi & welcome While I am many things, I was an artist first. The Savannah College of Art & Design helped me forge my way as a photographer. With my B.F.A in hand, I launched my studio in 2002. My images quickly gained national attention in the press & print competitions. Fifteen years later I am content knowing my art remains a part of peoples lives, bringing joyful memories back to life.

This year welcomed me with new challenges and an unforeseen journey. I've embraced a new role to advocate for cleaner beauty. Additionally I teamed up with other artists providing even more ways to celebrate any occasion in life.
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A New Journey Begins

A New Beginning

The moment I picked up my first camera at the tender age of 15, I was in love. I fell hard and fast, seeing no other path for the future. I was hooked on the magic I could create through my lens. Prior to my introduction to the camera, I spent my time singing, performing and creating with charcoal and paint. Despite these other interests, my college years were devoted to developing the skills necessary to work professionally as a photographer.

More than 20 years have passed since I first fell in love with the camera. Since that day, I have loved and lost but my love of photography and capturing moments remains constant.

This year brought about some profound changes to my future. Only now am I beginning to think of what else I might have to offer the world.

Let the new journey begin…