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After a week of phone tag, I dialed Anna’s number preparing to leave another voicemail. Instead this time I hear an anxious voice speaking as if she were mid-sentence…‘Oh! Adrienne!! I’m finally talking to you! Please tell me you are available ..’

Her voice was radiant, beaming with the kind of excitement for which Anna is known. She’d heard my name from several other wedding professionals she’d consulted and she had already decided I was her girl.

So…’ Anna continued- ‘Can you be there for my wedding, please say YES!’

wedding flowers bride portrait

But the word was out in the wedding world..“… Adrienne might not be taking on more weddings!?!”

{GASP… long pause! Say WHAT?!}

I’ve held the esteemed title of wedding photographer for the last 16 years.  On average, I’ve taken 10-12 weddings a year along with a hundred or so other assignments. However there was that year I recall shooting 32…. Yeah, that about killed me!

Not only did my body hate me after 32 weddings but I was consumed. In order to maintain quality and consistency, my wedding count needed to be cut- significantly! I needed to take a step back and learn from the experience before moving forward.

There are a limited number of weekends I have with my daughter. Her childhood is limited and taking on a wedding is much, much more than ‘just showing up for one day‘ in someone’s life. It’s the beginning of something much bigger.

Anna reminded me of that…

Something significant happens when you find the right team of people to support you throughout the wedding process. When you ‘click’ with your wedding professionals, a special kind of magic happens. Every time-tested wedding professional will tell you the same thing:

“Weddings are exhaustively wonderful when you have a passion for the job AND the people you work with. We work harder, stronger and BETTER together.”

laughing bridesmaids purple gowns

Within my 20 year love affair with the camera , I’ve seen first hand how technology has revolutionized the way we think and feel about ‘the image’.  Film once limited the playing field, leaving photography for those truly invested in understanding the camera and how together light could create magic on film. Film was limiting; digital is limitless.

Today’s affordable technology affords the average Joe to take up photography overnight. Within this kind of market, it’s easy to lose your passion. I’ve watched trends come and go yet stayed true to what I do best, capture moments and tell stories.

It’s more than understanding my camera and light; it’s about understanding people and relationships. I’m there to support the team and help everyone feel at ease with me behind the camera.

three wedding moments ceremonyAnna reminded me of my passion for people.

My passion for photography is quite obvious. But photography + wedding = LOTS of crazy challenges and unexpected situations. And I LOVE IT!! Thrust me into a wonderful mix of chaos and I thrive.

In short, that’s the definition of wedding day- and on Anna’s wedding day I arrived with butterflies in my stomach! Still today, I get nervous before I start shooting.

I set up lights and reviewed the day with the wedding coordinator, Abby Church. The dance floor was in the midst of the transformation, as Landers Visions wrapped the room in luxurious fabric and Maple Lane Designs created masterful displays of greenery.

A quick tour of the property and I entered the room where the ladies were busy buzzing as the bride sat for finishing touches on her lips and hair. The smell of perfume fills the air and the room looks like someone’s closet exploded. I step in, quickly introduce myself and attempt to guess one of their names based on my strategic ‘Amazing-Adrienne-Name-Remembering-Technique’.

Wrong Asian!’ her cousin replies laughing. The girls giggle as I agree to her astute statement about my strategy. The room erupts in laughter and just like that, I’m part of the group.

They chit chat about days past and THE moment they new the boy was meant for their girl. Our times flies together while I watch the day unfold.


You select the most important people in your life to stand with you as you take this step forward.

You are establishing your team. When my brides find me, they are telling me they trust me to tell their story. And that means I’m entrusted with making decisions throughout the day based on a variety of factors.

In Anna’s case, we were behind schedule in getting the gals to the church. The trolley was scheduled to drop the gals at the church then go pick up the guys.  While the bridesmaids got onto the trolley, I choose to spend a few minutes on bridal portraits and portraits with her mother.

While my instinct was to follow the girls to the church, instead we tried to catch the guys.

EEK! WRONG decision… the guys left already! ACK….

Every wedding day, I work hard running a million miles an hour. Each wedding comes with it’s own set of challenges (a wicked hot day, snow in May, someone rips their pants, running behind schedule… Sh*t happens!). You’ve gotta roll with it! Perform despite challenging circumstances- every decision MAKES the day.

Re: the Unity Candle… I’ll let those photos do the talking.


Who doesn’t LOVE Anna?

Around this time last year, was when I had my first call with Anna. While I can’t remember the specifics after the way she answered the phone, it was clear we had an instant connection. It’s hard NOT to fall in love with her zest for life and the energy she brings to a room!

Her wedding day was a blur… big smiles, gregarious laughter, family hugs.. and the occasional unexpected tears.

But the highlight of the day was the round of toasts offered by those closest to the couple. Anna’s father stood in the center of the room and told about his girl. While his toast was full of funny stories about a child Anna, his sincerity and devotion filled the room with palpable emotion.

This was my moment to shine… I needed to tell these moments without words. I had to capture the feelings we shared together in that moment. The love and beginning of a brand new day. A new family.

Want More??? It’s all in the details baby!

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Adrienne Maples is an internationally award winning photographer based in Kansas City.

An internationally award winning artist, Adrienne Maples creates dynamic portraits & pieces together powerful narratives through her still photographs. Known for her 'spunk & pizazz', her talent is in her ability to transform mediocrity into something extraordinary.

In her free time, you can find her digging in the dirt, hosting impromptu dance parties with her daughter or practicing her evil laugh.

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