Do you Tip Photographers? Best practices.

When should you tip for services?

My hair was dull, life-of-it’s-own ‘pandemic’ hair circa January 2021… I’d been cutting my own bangs & attacking split ends for more than a year. And I know I wasn’t the only one cutting my own hair!

The salon is a luxury we’ve long taken for granted. My daughter cheerfully let me chop her hair off but that was only to avoid painfully brushing through her broken ends.

It’d been 16 months since my last trip to the salon and one cold day in January I found myself scrambling out the door to take advantage of a cancellation. Three hours later, my locks looked vibrant and alive again. Once again I felt like myself as I lifted myself out of her magical chair.

As I stopped by the front desk to settle my bill, I thought about how I should appropriately tip for this occasion.

It’s standard practice to tip for service but should you tip a photographer?

The spunky girl behind the counter tapped her fingers as I began frantically searching the folds on my wallet for cash. In racing to leave the house, I’d forgotten to grab cash!

Seeing the panic on my face, she kindly reminded me I could add the tip to my credit card.

In that moment of panic, I thought about the client’s who’ve given a cash tip after a hard day’s work. Did they feel obligated to tip me?

Why do you tip photographers?

In certain industries, tipping is a standard practice. It is expected to tip service professionals: a revitalizing massage, stellar service at our favorite restaurant, or at the salon when our hair is brought back to life!

You pay a premium fee for professional photography services. So this has many asking, am I supposed to tip?

Of course, you should never feel obligated to tip for poor service. But if your photographer or their assistants went above and beyond their duties, a show of gratitude is much appreciated!

And If you hired your photographer through a larger company, chances are they are only being paid a portion from the larger company. In this case you should absolutely tip!

Is tipping the best way to show appreciation for Quality Service?

Tipping your photographer is a gesture of appreciation that goes beyond mere gratitude; it’s a recognition of the artistry, dedication, and personal touch they bring to capturing your most cherished moments. Whether it’s a wedding, a family portrait session, or any other milestone event, your photographer invests their time, talent, and expertise into creating stunning images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

By tipping your photographer, you not only show your appreciation for their hard work but also contribute to their livelihood, enabling them to continue pursuing their passion and delivering exceptional service to others. So, next time you’re awestruck by the beauty of your photos, consider tipping your photographer—it’s a small gesture that means the world.

If you don’t tip, leave a review for your photographer

When you love your images, it’s easy to write a few words about why you loved working with your photographer. But a bad experience can make it challenging when you want to hire a new photographer.

When you leave reviews, it helps other individuals shopping for services make an informed decision. Your perspective is valuable. so share your experience now and leave us a Google review!

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She a board member of AIGA and KCAC. As a committee member of KCDW, she organized the 2024 talks: The A.I. Asset, Creator as Curator.

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