Losing a Furry Friend

it’s been a week since we put our furry friend to sleep… & a month since I’ve written anything on this blog.

I found that every time I started a blog post, I wanted to tell the story of Tsunga- the first friend we made when we moved to Kansas City & the best darn cat I’ve ever met.

I’ll admit, we’d been putting it off the decision to say good-bye for months.. putting it off…  Putting it off.  We’d been assured this was the best decision we could make for him.  His kidneys were finally failing him… he was loosing weight & no longer his dog-like self… (yes, this cat fetched & behaved more like a dog than cat).

I’m sure a few of you out there reading this can relate..  The decision to end a pet’s life is never an easy one.  But in all of life there are times when we are forced to decide what is truly best for others.  It’s a sad position we knowingly put ourselves in by loving an animal that isn’t long for this world.

Our little friend, Tsunga-Cat, was already an old man when we adopted him.  On a warm August afternoon, Scott pulled me into the Purrr-fect Pets adoption center; a hidden spot inside the Old Metcalf South Mall.  He had never had a pet of his own & he knew I wouldn’t agree to a dog.  From the moment he pulled me into the adoption center, I began sympathizing with all of the abandoned animals.  I knew we’d be leaving with a new friend.

After interviewing several high energy kittens,  I suggested we visit with a full grown cat.  The obvious choice was a striped tabby cat who’d been howling to get our attention from the moment we arrived.  The moment this cat was given the opportunity, he jumped into Scott’s lap, rolled over begging for a nice belly scratch… then he began drooling like a dog.  There would be no substitution for this old guy, it was love at first petting…

At home, he became my constant companion- my little shadow.  Following me wherever I went, constantly searching for me whenever I left town for a few days.  During his prime, we invented a game where he would bat paper balls out of the air & catch them in his mouth before bringing them back.  It was unbelievable to have found such a dog-like cat!

And now here we are… seven years and many trials later.  This affectionate little guy was my friend through some of the darkest nights… while Scott was in the hospital.  Every time I’d wonder where we’d be at the end of this hospital stay.  And every time that little cat snuggled up beside me, comforting me with his soft constant purr.

So with a heavy heart I say goodbye my friend.  You will remain a treasured part of our history & a friend who will never be forgotten.



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