What’s in my Bag?

What IS my go-to photography gear?

This is a frequent question for amateur and seasoned photographer alike. It’s always interesting to see what other photographers are using to create as well as how they protect their gear.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve modified my gear bag many times. To save you time, I’ve put together a quick list of my favorite things you need in your photography bag!

slr camera

For starters, you’re need to decide on your camera of choice.

I’ve used Canon photography gear for the last 20 years and while I’m thinking about making a switch to a Mirrorless camera, the Canon Mark IV is currently the primary camera body I use. I find Canon manual’s are easier to understand than Nikon but they are comparable in abilities.

Zoom or Prime Lens?

A prime lens is a lens who’s focal length is fixed, it will not zoom in and out. The benefit with a Prime lens is the clarity & tack sharp focus. With a zoom lens, you’ll be dealing with some distortion & loss of sharpness . For instance, my favorite Prime lens is the Canon 85mm f1.4. The f1.4 makes it super fast and gives it the ability to focus on details while blurring the rest of the image. (re: The lower the f-stop the faster the lens & the more light let into your camera).

My favorite zoom lens is the Canon 70-200mm 2.8; while it’s the heaviest lens in my bag it also gives me the ability to blur my background & soften my subject. It’s a great lens if you like to keep your distance and capture action without being noticed. Additionally, it’s my favorite portrait lens.

UV Filter’s for ALL of my Lenses


Purchase UV filters for ALL of your lenses. This is non-negotiable, trust me! Spending $100 on a filter will go a long way in protecting your investment. No only will an inexpensive filter prevent smudges which etch into the glass, they are also insurance for when you drop that lens!

Always have Gaffer’s Tape on hand!

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Gaffer’s tape, skip on over the Amazon and get yourself a few rolls!

This MUST have accessory has proven it’s worth in plenty of sticky situations. From fixing light stands to creating my own custom grid for diffusing light, I never go anywhere without a roll (or two) of Gaffer’s tape.

black photography tape

Choose your Camera Strap Wisely

I prefer the Black Rapid dual camera strap for holding onto my camera. It’s made a huge difference in my back pain after a long day of shooting.

Choose the wrong strap and your body will surely pay for it later!

For your convenience, I’ve linked these items to my Amazon page for easy shopping.

amazon shopping recommendations

Click on the page photo above to take a look at ALL of my recommendations and let me know what works for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Shooting!

xoxo adrienne signing off


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Kansas City photographer, Adrienne Maples, weaves together powerful narratives with her photographs to create mood and evoke emotion.


She's an AI enthusiast, passionate about teaching others how to use technology responsibly for the greater good. Known for her 'spunk & pizazz', she directs from behind her camera, finding impromptu designing to transform mediocrity into the extraordinary.


She a board member of AIGA and KCAC. As a committee member of KCDW, she organized the 2024 talks: The A.I. Asset, Creator as Curator.

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