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” When I was a kid, I used to draw all over the walls of my childhood home…It wasn’t exactly ‘cool’ with mom-

Eventually she wised up and gave me my first Camera.  It was a plain jane Minolta 35mm SLR with a 50mm lens.  but it was enough to do the trick.  I was IN LOVE.  

I began printing my own images in high school and decided to follow my passion in college.   While studying at the Savannah College of Art & Design, I learned how to refine my vision as an artist.  I started my company in 2002, a ripe, fresh 22 year old graduate armed with a Mamiya 645… and yes, that same old 35mm Minolta.

Ashlee Brewer and I found one another while I was looking for an assistant through Craigslist. We were an instantly a perfect fit & here we are 9 years later still working as a team!  Now we are so in-sync with one another, people often mistake us for sisters- sometimes twins!  {Which is confusing because I am red & she is blond?}


We hire new assistants & bring on interns as needed to help with shoots as well as manage album orders & digital services.

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