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The Journey Here

The Journey to Awareness.

My journey to awareness began with the simple idea of Detoxifying.

It began a crisp night in November 2008.  I paced the floor, wringing my hands. The silence was broken by a man convulsing in pain upstairs. Initially it was attributed to a bad case of stomach poisoning but as the pain increased, we both had doubts. Exactly a year prior,  I rushed to the Emergency Room to attend him after he broke both arms simultaneously in a bicycle accident. The amount of pain he was in the night of the accident couldn’t compare to the pain this particular evening.

We were married just six months when he broke his arms. Now here we were, dealing with a mysteriously illness.

I pursued every resource, read every article, searching desperately for answers. I could see my happily ever after slipping away from me. From sun-up to sun-down, I reached out to anyone who would listen. After consulting more than 15 doctors, my search began to point towards Lyme disease and it’s co-infections.

This disease is quite complex because you are battling with a living organism. The bug wreaks havoc on various systems of the body in unpredictable ways. Doctors who are unfamiliar with this pathogen, only manage to prescribe medications in an attempt to counteract the problems it causes (re: adrenal function is a big one).


A intrinsic part of eradicating Lyme disease is to detoxify the body at the same time. Killing bacteria also means releasing toxic waste throughout the body. When bacteria dies, it excretes toxic waste resulting in an inflammatory response. Flushing this stuff out is critical. Detoxifying can mean the difference between a recovery and someone confined to bed.

It was a hard, all consuming lesson. The knowledge I gained about the system made me look differently at everything around me.

I began paying attention to what was in EVERYTHING. Artificial colors & flavors

My eyes are open.  I want everyone to learn how to become an informed consumer.  Spend your money wisely. Your dollars support causes behind the product.



Try these detox water recipes!


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