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If you are one of the families who signs up as a 2017 Preferred Client, you will receive your share-ready files with EVERY session!

AMaples_Reviews_Page_Photos_QuoteBenefits of being a Preferred Client

  1. Preferred Clients will receive their share-ready proof images from their session jpeg optimized files for sharing online via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & any other online or screen purpose.
  2. Print ready digital images for small printing & online use will be included at no additional charge with any $750 session or $750 print/product purchase.  {Previous sessions from 2014 & earlier can be purchased for $100 per session with your $750 print or product order}.
  3. Baby &/or Family Plans include print ready digital images for small printing.  These images will be available for direct download along with the included files from your session.
  4. Preferred Client events will remain online as long as they have an active family or baby plan with the studio.
  5. FULL resolution files are ONLY available to preferred clients.  These are available without a minimum print fee & are included at no charge with an annual $3500 studio investment.
  6. All previous wedding clients will receive a BONUS studio session when booking a baby or family collection plan with us!
  7. 10% off on print orders (at your in-person ordering session within 45 days of session)
  8. Birth Photography services are only available to preferred clients.

WHAT’S THE CATCH?!?  We require that we receive credit on social media when our images are used.  Link back to our website, share our name & help promote !

* Terms & conditions are subject to change.  Discounts are not applicable for proof prints ordered online.


You can request Preferred Client status once you’ve completed & paid for a session with the studio.  You can apply by agreeing to the studio terms below.  Once you are approved, you will receive all of the loyalty discounts on your next session or print order. You will receive a link to download your printable files along with your $750 studio session &/0r print purchase

Our terms: We require that you credit the studio on social media when our images are used.  Link back to our website, share our name & help us promote our art !


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By submitting this form & agreeing to our terms of service, you are accepting the terms of our preferred client loyalty program. This loyalty program entitles you to additional discounts & specials provided by Adrienne Maples PhotoStudios. You also agree to use our studio exclusively for 18 months from the date of this agreement. In accordance with our preferred client agreement, we will provide you with share ready images for personal web use & a select number of enhanced images per session. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to credit the studio when posting images online.
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