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posted by adrienne

I’ve known the Pelletiers before they were a loving family of six… I remember when it was just Angela & Tom- saying ‘I do’ in front of the fountain in Savannah, Georgia. I still remember their wedding day well.  I was fresh out of college, still trying to discover my strong points as an artist.  I was also trying to discover what would set me apart & how would that translate into the kind of images and stories I wanted to tell.


Their wedding was one of my earliest, I believe I had twelve under my belt at the time and of course, I was still shooting film. No instant digital screen to confirm my exposure. But I had their trust & most of the time that’s all it takes, even today.

Their wedding helped me know I was on the right track.  It was an amazing day, we went where the moment took us.  The result was a laid-back, wonderful day with creative shots I could never have ‘planned out’.  The wedding made the cover of Southern Bride Magazine- my very first publication!!

Since that faithful day, they’ve allowed me to capture their family as they grow.  I’m overwhelmed every time I enter their home & see their living room wall covered with the images I’ve taken over the years. It warms my heart, and tells me that the images I’ve taken will always mean something to this family.  I have captured the beginning, their growth & the amazing individuals their children will become.  In a way that I only know how.

This is my reward.






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  • Cheryl

    I remember when you photographed their wedding & the fab cover shot on Southern Brides!
    Nice pics; looks like they have been very busy. 🙂


The first day of Spring came & went in Kansas City.  To all of our disbelief, a winter storm was brewing on the horizon threatening to bring another 10-12 inches to Kansas!!  What?!?  I had already packed all of my winter clothes away as had all of the local retail shops. Remember, this girl is from South Georgia… when we get a mere dusting, everything shuts down.

I talked to my bride & groom on Wednesday, and in an attempt to prepare for the worst I told her to pack a pair of boots & perhaps a coat.  They were coming in from California, so they were going to be in for a BIG shock.  I also mentioned that maybe the bridesmaids should find a pair of rain boots.

‘So we’ll wear the boots outside & then take them off.. or what?” she innocently asks.

‘I just want us to be totally prepared, just in case’ I replied fully knowing there is NO WAY they could step outside in high heels if we had freezing rain & the amounts of snow they were predicting.  I can just see bridesmaids slipping on ice & breaking something…  I want amazing photos, not broken bones!

I must say, the snow was breath taking… as I watched the ceremony, I knew that no matter how wonderfully the images turned out- they couldn’t possibly be as magical as the moment truly was.  Honestly, it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve witnessed.

(Technical details: Shooting inside with a back lit couple & fast falling snow can be quite a challenge. I set up a side light to light my couple.  They were back lit, which makes it challenging to freeze the bright, fast moving snow.  I used a fast shutter to freeze the snow I slowed my shutter when I wanted to pull more interior ambient light.  Remember to check out our CameraHow?! class schedule to conquer your camera fears!)










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  • Doug McCowen

    Very Nice!

  • Connie looks so beautiful in that gorgeous dress!!! The pictures are absolutely wonderful. I feel like I’m looking at a bridal magazine.

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words. Connie & Jordan, thank you for entrusting me to capture this day for you. It was spectacular! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to enjoy a snowy evening! It was magical!

  • Terri

    It was amazing and the snow made it like a fairy tale… I was there from the bare bones set up to the end and it turned out Beautiful!

  • Amy

    Awesome pics! Excited to see the rest!! It was such a beautiful wedding!

  • Christine Woods

    Connie and Jordan, I experienced your wedding vicariously through mom Jeanette. I enjoyed every bit of it. I love weddings and these photos are just fabulous. The snow makes these photos look like you’re on a movie set. Your colors, the flowers, especially your dress, Connie, so, so pretty. Thanks, Jeanette, for sharing the blog link with me.

  • Mariska Purificato

    These photographs are amazing! The snow added that extra dimension of beauty.

  • Marisa

    Beautiful photographs and beautiful wedding!

  • Jeanette Christian

    Beautiful day, wonderful memories for Jordan, Connie and our family to treasure! The snow was truly a bonus and Adrienne was able to capture its beauty. Wow, can’t wait to see more!

  • Michael Christian

    Great pictures & great memories!

  • Anna

    Beautiful photos! I can’t wait to see the rest….

  • Jennifer

    Awesome pictures. These images capture what was likely a freezing cold day with unhoped for weather, and recorded memories of happiness in a beautiful setting. As always our family is amazed with your first-rate photography and your upbeat, make the best of any situation personality.

  • Jordan

    Fantastic Adrienne! Can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  • Feng-chuan

    I like the color pictures mixing with black and white pictures. I also like the casual, ease going atmosphere and simplicity of the line.

  • Connie

    Amazing!!! Thank you so much!! Loved my spring winter wedding!!

posted by adrienne

In early February, much to my husband’s relief, I put away my snow pants.  It looked like I wouldn’t need them this year but oh how I love my snow pants!  On bitterly cold days, I can slip them over my pj’s & go to work.  They are my magic pants… an article of clothing that I never knew existed while living in Georgia.  In fact, snow happens so RARELY in South Georgia that when we had a mere dusting of the white stuff- school was closed!

After I retired my ‘magic pants’ for the season, we receive word that a winter storm is on its way.  Up to TEN inches they declare!  I was in disbelief but the next morning I awake to a beautiful landscape of winter white & the threat of another storm just around the corner.  In total we had about two FEET of snow!! I couldn’t believe it!  This was the PERFECT opportunity to break out my snow pants.  The second storm dropped heavy, wet snow that clung to the trees & created quite a magical scene- one unlike anything I’d seen before.  The morning after a fresh snow is breathtaking & quite…as I stepped out in the fresh cold, I felt a different kind of ‘calm.

Initially wasn’t ambitious enough to get out in it, aside from the shoveling.  But once I saw the look of wonder is my child’s eyes I knew I couldn’t take these moments or the beauty of the snow for granted.  Besides it gave me the chance to wear my own magic pants.. so out I went.

Here are some images from one of my many snow sessions!





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  • […] Precious little Savannah was born in March almost a year to the date of my own sweet daughter. And I have been blessed with capturing this family since the birth of their first child, Jameson.  Of course he has now grown into an adorable little boy who is falling quite nicely into the role of a protective big brother.  (Here are a few images from their snow shoot .) […]


Moving here from Colorado, I adore the white fluffy stuff. It instantly reminds me of fresh powder, bluebird days, and long downhill runs on my favorite hill. We don’t get it as often here in Kansas City as I wish, and when we do it isn’t always the most ideal weather to be playing outside. So when there is the rare magical alignment of beautiful powder and bearable temps, I quickly bundle up my two boys and GO OUT!!!

5O5A4220Wait, did I just say quickly? Scratch that… I meant to say: I change baby’s diaper; get my preschooler to use the restroom; round up 3 sets of snow pants, coats, socks, boots, hats and gloves (OHHHHH children’s gloves! The most challenging garment of parenting); we waddle outside; and if I am lucky enough to have a free finger I try to snatch my camera on the way out.

5O5A4253We have a great sledding hill in the backyard. The amount of snow we received last week turned our run into a luge with packed sidewalls and an ice-coated track. It is marvelously dangerous – there is an absolute need for a ‘catcher’ at the bottom to grab the sled in the moments before it flies over the neighbor’s rock wall.

With all the fun to be had outside this time of year, it is a wonderful opportunity to photograph your favorite snow-memories! Thankfully, I know someone who has a few camera tips and is willing to share 😉



Adrienne’s Advice | Get your camera ready, BEFORE bundling up- & remember to prepare your camera for the conditions.  Below are a few pointers to help you get the most out of the snow! (Definately bundle, dress in layers & TUCK your pants into your boots- once water breaks the seal; You’re Ice!!)

Start with a fresh battery (extreme weather can drain batteries) & keep silica packs in your camera bag to help level out the moisture.  * Helps reduce lens fogging & condensation that occurs when you take your camera from warm to cold.

  • Snow is bright & reflective- so modify your ISO, somewhere around 400 is a good place to start.  (remember, your camera will try to interpret the ‘white’ snow as middle gray.  Sometimes underexposing is helpful with bright situations.)
  • You’ll also notice snow is blue in the shadows, keep this in mind & try to avoid your subjects in direct shadow.  The white of the snow will reflect light back onto their faces, try to watch wait & anticipate before snapping the trigger!
  • Decide to use Aperature or Shutter Priority.  Changes are, your shutter speed will be fast enough to keep up with (you’ll want a shutter speed of  200+ to freeze the action
  • BE SAFE! It’s easy to get lost behind the camera & loose your footing, it’s happened to me more than once (a broken hand is worse than a broken camera!)


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posted by adrienne

I got word from Ashley that she would be induced Friday morning… her blood pressure had been elevated so the doctor decided that February 8th would be Elsie’s birthday.  The moment I got the news I was excited… happy to be a part of this day in their lives…


Nervous for her.. Anxious for her.. Excited to meet this baby & watch her open her eyes and take her first breaths.  It’s an amazing experience.

Never did I think I would involve myself with documenting births.  I especially wasn’t interested before I had my own daughter.  I’d heard too many horror stories & the worst of the worst experiences that I couldn’t imagine.  But my experience with Emmaline was an easy one… and being a mother is something that I never knew I would treasure so much…

Being there for Ashley & Chris was easy to do.  Honestly, I never knew it would mean so much… it’s an amazing experience to behold.

Congratulations guys- you have a beautiful family.  I can’t wait to see who little Elsie will become!!













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  • Jennifer

    Fantastic photos as always; I wish I had something like this for my children.

  • Blair Sells

    ALMOST makes me want another 😉 Gorgeous photos, and Congrats to the newest itty bitty!!

  • jessica

    Love these so much!!! What a beautiful reminder on such a special day!!!

I am still so happy capturing newborns!! Even if I get covered in pee/poop/throw-up… it’s not a job for everyone, but I love it!!  In addition, I truly enjoy the extra bond it creates with my wonderful families.  I’m extending my newborn special so EVERY family can take advantage of these special moments.  **Remember to ask about our baby plans to save even more. View full post »

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posted by adrienne

Parenting is an evolutionary process, I have learned. I expected everything would just ‘work itself out’ just like always… after the baby was born. But the truth is that parents are MADE by their children. Just as our job as parents is to help our children discover who they are to becoming on a daily basis.  It’s trial & error…

I hope to create a magical & memorable childhood for my daughter, I’d like to ingrain things in her that will follow her through her life… warm memories that will remind her of how much she is loved.  But everyday I ask myself how? How can I make the days of her youth special for us both? How can I hide the inevitable frustrations of daily life & enjoy this time with her instead.

Part of my solution is to create family traditions that are our own.  A few things that might remind her of happy times.  This was the first holiday season that she had the ability to understand the excitement & anticipation of the holiday.   We hadn’t really ‘celebrated’ the holiday for the last few years but when you have a child in your midst the holidays can become magical again for us all. 

Thus we began a daily ritual in the beginning of December.  After the tree went up, we would begin the morning with a tribute to the tree, ‘O Christmas Tree’- just the first verse.  And so it began, within a week she began running to the tree singing ‘Ohh iszmass trweee, ohh isszmas trwee’.  Very soon she began pointing out Christmas trees everywhere… & I mean everywhere!

5O5A9779She saw them on plates & notecards, wrapping paper… in the background on tv comercials, a painting in the background of a cartoon… in every window of every house!!!  But it still made us giggle every time she excitedly exclaimed ”Oh ismas tree!’ 

It’s amazing how a child’s sparkle of wonder can brighten even the most gloomy of days.  Now that the holidays are over,  and we’ve finally packed the tree away, she still sings ‘O Christmas Tree’ several times a day.  Now that the christmas trees are out of the windows, she instead points out any evergreen she notices.  Then the song starts again.

I have a feeling, we might hear this song all year… but that’s okay, it’s still adorable.  I’m promising myself to try to enjoy it every-time as much as I did the first… because all too soon these days of her youth will be gone & I know will very much miss her sense of wonder. 


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Have you been thinking about having some sassy photos taken? But you’d really like to have something classy… timeless, beautiful? Images of yourself that inspire you & make you feel beautiful & sexy… but of course, then.. who (aside from your partner) do you show them too??

We have an answer for that- the Classic Pin-up!!  Let’s have some fun playing dress up & create some classic fine art featuring YOU… and dress up or dress down to YOUR comfort level.  Either way, Adrienne will create timeless, beautiful images. {Sign up here to get on the calendar ASAP}

View full post »

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  • Jennifer

    This looks awesome!

Our January workshop was a huge success & we learned a lot.  Most importantly, we learned that our one-on-one attention clearly helped our attendees ‘get it!’ And everyone left insired.  

We’re offering another Camera How ?! Basics for Moms class on March 2nd.  So if you are waiting on an opportunity to learn with Adrienne, this is it!  Our Camera How?! workshops are designed to teach you how to master the basics & find the light.  We’ll help guide you into thinking a little differently about composition & what can make or break an image. 

These workshops are fun, fast-paced, and packed with the tools you need to help you achieve magical photos of your children!

*Due to our busy shooting schedule, we will only offer classes a few times a year. Sign up early to save your seat. 

What it covers: This is an introductory workshop designed to help you build confidence with your most important tool – your camera. We will examine technical essentials like metering, mastering your f-stop & shutter speed as well as discussing elements of composition. We will also shoot various subjects and review images in a workshop forum. By the end of the day, you’ll leave with more confidence when picking up your camera.

Snacks and drinks will be provided. You will also receive detailed course materials.

Where: Our studio in Old Overland Park

WhoAdrienne and Rob bring over 25 years of professional experience to the workshop. We will be teaching and conducting all discussions and group activities.

When: March 2nd, 2013 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

How: Sign up below, classes are limited in size & booked on a first come first serve basis.  The $150 fee covers your day of learning, course materials & one-on-one attention to your questions. Class size is limited to 8 students.

BRING: Your camera, memory cards & a fully charged battery!

Register for the March Class here.  Check out the resources link on the top of our blog for additional information.

*If you purchase a spot in our class as a gift, we will provide a gift wrapped box for you to give.  This is a great gift for a mother, daughter, sister or friend!!

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