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If I wait too long to write about a wedding, I never know exactly what to say.  Every wedding is beautiful & joyous in it’s own way… but every wedding is different, always different.  It’s about the people that surround the bride & groom on wedding day.  To me, that is always fascinating- I study relationships & wedding day is a great time to people watch.   When it comes to Allison & Cole, I knew the day would be full of laughs, hilarious jokes & pure fun.  I wasn’t disappointed- they rocked it!!

Great people, good times.  Congrats to a stellar new team, Allison & Cole!!


I wanted to include a few of the images from their engagement session from last year.  I got to meet their pups & gorgeous horses.  Here are a few of my absolute favorites from last year when I spent the day on the ranch.  Her best friend, fun-loving Brandi, came along to help out & I was SO thankful to have a helper.


So on to the BIG day!!








Every couple is part of our comment contest!  Share & link this page with your friends and encourage them to comment.  For every comment we’ll give $1 to the bride & groom to put towards Fine Art Prints for their home!

View proofs online in a few weeks:

Details of the Day:

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The beginning of May came as a bit of a shock in Kansas. On May 2nd, the temperature dropped & big white flakes of snow began to Fall?!  Yes, you read that right!!  We got SNOW here in Kansas after the first of May. Now, it didn’t stick around long but it left the ground wet & soggy. And it was cold.  A chilly May day- not at all what we expect for the month of May.  But my couple was cheery & looking forward to their big day.  It was a lovely day, full of bright colors & lots of cheer.  We were happy to be part of such a lovely celebration.  Congratulations Camille & Craig!

It was my first time at the Dark Horse Distillery & I must say I LOVED the place.  It’s a bit off the beaten path, but the interior has been well thought out- full of warmth & gorgeous artwork that fits in with the space.  The staff was friendly & quite helpful.  I will definitely be recommending this place to friends, not just for events, but a place to get a local brew!








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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month {don’t be afraid; instead KNOW how to protect & prevent}

I pulled the first tick from my baby’s delicate skin today.  It was a tiny spec that looked like a freckle, but I knew instantly it didn’t belong.  I took out a magnifying glass & a sharp pair of pointed tweezers.  I proceeded without hesitation. KILL, KILL, KILL!  That’s my baby girl your sinking your teeth into!

This post is meant to inform & warn you not scare you… about the dangers of Lyme disease & how you can prevent this ugly disease from entering your family.  Knowing what to look for & being aware of the dangers will keep your family happy & healthy. There is no need to fear the outdoors!  But it is VERY important to acknowledge that this can happen to anyone. It’s also important to know that it is easily eradicated in the early stages.  I speak from personal experience as Lyme disease is now part of my family- my husband was diagnosed 5 years ago & we are still fighting this disease every day.

Most people are terrified when I mention the catastrophic health hazards that can be transmitted through a tick bite.  But vowing to never go outside again isn’t a viable solution!  The good news is there are plenty of things you can do to avoid the health risks caused by  these nasty critters!

** When the winter doesn’t provide a ‘hard freeze’ the tick population the following Spring grows exponentially!  This means this year we are at a greater risk.

PROTECT YOURSELF! {awareness is half the battle}

1)  Ticks can be found anywhere but especially love tall grasses.  They crawl up & find a nice spot to latch on.  So using bug repellant can help tremendously, Avon Skin So Soft is the best non-chemical brand but I also spray my feet with 10% deet. When walking through tall grass, I tuck my jeans into my socks- I don’t care how silly it may look!

2) Ticks carry multiple diseases; however it typically takes at least 24 hours for an attached tick to transmit disease (as they must penetrate the blood borne barrier).

SOLUTION: Make ‘tick checks’ a part of your summer bedtime routine.  Check for ticks when outdoor playtime is finished- & double check at bath time.

More than a third of new cases involve children.  Sadly kids have a difficult time describing how they feel.  This leads to tick-borne infections in children that are frequently overlooked or misdiagnosed.  It’s our responsibility as parents to know the facts & protect our children from suffering needlessly.  Accurate & Timely diagnosis is Key

3) Pets can bring ticks into the house- if you have an outdoor pet make sure they are protected as well.

What to do when you find a tick??

1) Remove the little b*stard: use a pair of tweezers (sharp & pointed) grasp the tick’s head as close to the skin as possible (without crushing it) and pull it  directly out. Do not remove ticks with petroleum jelly or hot objects, such as  matches or cigarettes. These methods can increase the chance of a host tick  injecting you with dangerous bacteria.  YUCK!

  • a) If you find it immediately, chances are slim any disease has been transmitted.  Watch for any strange symptoms… lethargy, flu/cold symptoms, achy joints, general malaise.  Then see your doctor, tell him about the tick bite.  Short term antibiotics should solve any problem.  If you’ve been bitten, here are a few things to be on the look-out for:
  • Headache
  • Chills and fever
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • A red rash that resembles a bull’s-eye

2) If you find an embedded tick, days later?  Again, watch of symptoms- but I suggest going to your doctor telling them you had a tick embedded for several days.   They can perform a Western Blot test after a couple of weeks to see if you were exposed.  However testing isn’t always accurate… it’s important to be vigilant & to continue to monitor your condition.  There are several stages of disease & symptoms that accompany each.  You can read more about them on WebMD.


The only way to insure this doesn’t happen to your family is knowing the facts & knowing when to ask your doctor for help!  If you run into a medical professional that laughs at you or scoffs at your concern from a tick bite, FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!  (Again, from personal experience- this is a Hot Button topic in the medical & insurance fields.)  Anyone in the medical community that doesn’t treat tick borne illnesses as a serious oncern, then they aren’t capable of properly handling the situation for you.


I would like to add that the ‘official’ estimated numbers of Lyme disease & other tick illnesses in the United States & abroad is VASTLY underestimated!!!  Many patients never have an official diagnosis & others are mis-diagnosed with one of the following disorders: chronic fatigue, MS, parkinson’s, alzheimers, fibro-mialgia

Knowledge is power!  Know the Facts & don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have a concern.  Protect yourself & your Loved Ones and enjoy the outdoors without worry.

– you can read more about my personal struggle here

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    Here is more information on symptoms to for if you’ve been bitten by a tick & believe it was attached for at least a day.

    Early symptoms:
    •Chills and fever
    •Muscle and joint pain
    •Swollen lymph nodes
    •A red rash that resembles a bull’s-eye

    You can find good information on late stage symptoms here.

    (I am not a medical doctor or otherwise authorized to dispence medical advice. This is just my opinion based on my experience, research & information gained while caring for a spouse inflected with borealia, babesisia

  • Thank you for this great article. I live in the Northwest and we aren’t at risk as the Midwest but we have all seen how devastating Lyme disease can be.


Nearly ten years ago, I had the lucky pleasure of following Carrie and Ryan around Kauffman Stadium after dark. A lifetime Royals fan, this was a highlight to be sure. Approaching ten years now, this day still sticks out as one of my favorites. Oh sure, sitting in the dugout at Kauffman fulfilled a boyhood fantasy. But, c’mon, they had an amazing party bus, a candle-lit ceremony … and a Yorkie attendant. So, yeah, it was one of my favorite wedding memories. 344E7871

A few months ago, Adrienne and I toyed with a concept — creating a boutique portrait product designed specifically for women in their 30’s. Shooting a few former clients as test subjects, it occurred to me one evening — there is a story here. As wedding photographers, we invest a tremendous amount of time and energy in the “big day.” If we’re blessed to continue being part of their lives, we witness the addition of children and families. In a way, we become a timless, though brief, part of the fabric of their lives. And for that, we are always grateful.

So, looking over some images from Carrie’s shoot, I began to think about the real story. As photographers, we often forget to do this. Carrie, a now former police officer and stay-at-home mom, grew as a woman over those ten years — really, in ways I would have never considered.

Over the next year, I’ll be posting more shoots with former brides. So, in the coming months, look for an announcement about an upcoming publication featuring “Brides … Ten Years After.” Between me and Adrienne, this is really the culumination of hundreds and hundreds of weddings — a lifetime of watching brides become women. 

Carrie, I’m honored to feature you first!


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April and Abozar had a candy bar …

I know it’s not a big deal to some, but to candy-fiend like me? It’s a HUGE deal! In all seriousness, though, the candy bar set the tone for this wedding. The reception hall was packed with details — a few of which I have never seen (and I’ve seen a lot!). Next to the candy, I suppose I appreciated the standing basket of “dancing shoes” the most. What a great idea! Sure, church weddings are great … but a candy-centric one? I’m there every time!

Congratulations to you both! I was honored to be part of the day. Enjoy a few images … as always, check out our proofing site for a more complete look at the day.


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Something new & excited for your next lovely fine art print!  We believe in the art of photography… that’s why families hire us year after year to capture their precious moments.

This Spring we’re introducing Adrienne’s new signature prints, vintage babies. These lovely images are initially created in the studio or at your home with the lighting techniques utilized by the Renaissance painters during the baroque period.  After your image is captured, Adrienne will process it individually & enhance your favorite image by hand to further create the feeling of a Renaissance painting.  Our vintage baby sessions include your web ready disc of images (yes, all of them!) & your favorite image as a vintage fine art paper print.  Sign up to get on our calendar!


Your images should be original, artistic & stand the test of time.  See why the work created by the Adrienne Maples PhotoStudio is commissioned by families throughout the country.  One session with our studio will remind you that photography is an art & an experience you should treasure.

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So, my wife’s baby brother had a baby of his own — premature and beautiful. Better yet, Josh and Courtnie had a baby in North Carolina. Now, when my wife’s other brother had a baby (just two weeks ago), I coax everyone down to the studio for a quick shoot. Stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., however, they can’t just hop into their car and scurry into the studio for a few minutes. Couple that with the sad fact that newborns are simply not newborn  after a few weeks, Uncle Rob hopped on a plane for an airborn roadtrip to North Carolina! And by day trip? I mean exactly that …

One of the more common questions we field during our photography workshops: “how do we capture great photos without all of the equipment and studio?” Answer: … “You don’t need much!” I traveled with a camera and flash … that’s about it. Feel confident knowing that it’s fine to simply let nature do the work for you. The sun is the perfect studio strobe, a sheer curtain is the perfect softbox, a beautiful little Avery is the perfect model. 

Here’s the first glimpse of little Avery Newbanks — fuzzy, warm, and quiet as she is.



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  • Amanda

    I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful growing family. Thanks baby for taking pictures to capture these key moments!

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I think it’s rare to have a job that makes you universally loved by your clients & remembered year after year.  And for this I feel incredibly fortunate.  I can remember back to my early days in art school… I swore I would never shoot weddings.  I mean… I was, after all, ‘an artist‘… weddings were NOT art.  At least, they weren’t considered art when I began working towards my BFA at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Obviously our ideas about wedding photography have changed drastically in the last ten years.  Even our ideas about family portraiture has changed- for the better.  By the time I graduated, this revolution in documentary photography was in full force.


After ten years in business, I’ve learned that establishing relationships with my clients are the most important thing.  They trust me to document their lives, their most precious moments.  Every year I watch couples get married & welcome their children into the world. Year after year, I watch these babies become children & little people discovering minds of their own. View full post »

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20130406-5O5A0344As we gain experience, the desire to teach and share ideas grows with every season. So when Adrienne decided to begin teaching workshops, it seemed like an obvious next step — new friends sharing ideas and vision. Saturday’s workshop was a validation for us that the workshop is indeed a fabulous way to gain valuable experience and, of course, new friends. Workshops will continue throughout the season. For now, however, take a look at some scenes from Saturday’s class!




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  • This IS normal!! Haha.

  • I love the picture of Adrienne on the ground with the caption “This is Normal”. That is the truth. You may also catch her tucked in a bush, balancing on a ledge or on the back of a tractor. The possibilities are endless. 🙂

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