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Hooray!! Our family shoot with the fabulous Adrienne Maples is booked!! Now what……..

If you are anything like me, there is a level of uncertainty, maybe even a little anxiety leading up to your session. Adrienne is my boss and my friend, yet I still put a lot of pressure on myself that we won’t get that one perfect shot. You know, the one where everyone is genuinely happy. The one take between the little moments of chaos. View full post »

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  • We should change this to … “stop being nervous about posting!” Speaking of which, I need to work on mine!

  • I know, right?? She’s a natural!

  • Awesome post, Blair! You don’t look the least bit nervous!

  • Beautifully written, Blair!

  • Thank you all!! Blair is a blessing!!

  • Jennifer

    Entertaining and well worded post! I couldn’t have expressed Adrienne’s style any better. Your children are precious and so are the pictures of your family!

  • Jessica Skinner

    LOVE this post Blair!!!!! You are totally right and the pictures are precious!!!!

posted by adrienne

Precious little Savannah was born in March almost a year to the date of my own sweet daughter. And I have been blessed with capturing this family since the birth of their first child, Jameson.  Of course he has now grown into an adorable little boy who is falling quite nicely into the role of a protective big brother.  (Here are a few images from their snow shoot .)


I wanted to share some fun images from our celebratory shoot for little Saavy’s first birthday.   She enjoyed playing with her pearls & tearing apart her cupcake.  She was less interested in eating it & more interested in exploring the texture of the icing.  She is a happy little thing, giggling & entertaining herself throughout our entire afternoon together.  I am eager to discover who she will become over the next year… they change so quickly & she’s just beginning to explore her independence.





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As the couple headed off to Greece, I began the post processing part of the job where I re-live their wedding for weeks!!

Today, as I was getting ready to finish up this post, I realized I wasn’t quite ready for this wedding to be over! It was a great day- I worked with some of my favorite wedding professionals. It was our second time at Indian Hills this year & it’s always a pleasure working with the team there. We were also under the superb planning by Kindra of Simple Elegance & the floral design by Karen of Sidelines. We were all lined up for a beautiful, easy-going wedding day!

When I arrived, the girls were already finished with their hair & make-up. My bride was ready to go! On the other hand, we took a few minutes to visit with the groom & he tells me he needs to work out.?!? too much nervous energy, I assume. We follow him to the gym & catch a few shots of him preparing for his bride. And that’s how it all began..










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Brynn & Chris: WEDDING DAY-———–> VIEW MORE NOW :: Register by verifying your email address & order prints

A sneak peek of images are now available online!! Visit our proofing site (Choose FEATURED EVENTS> Brynn & Chris

Details of the Day:

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Again, I’ve waited too long to write about this wedding- although it has lived with me every day since it took place.  The energy & love that surrounded the couple was infectious!  I can hear the laughs & feel the love every time I look through these images.  Honestly, I didn’t want to finish editing…I didn’t want it to end.  I wanted to go back to this wedding & throw myself right back into the day.

I was treated like a family member & I was praised by friends & family alike.  Each taking a moment to tell me how much they appreciated my dedication to the couple.  It’s kind of silly how a little bit of positive praise will push me to work EVEN harder! Ashlee & I arrived early at Indian Hills Country Club- we set up our lights and meet with the team for the day.  I’m instantly excited when I see the ballroom.. it gleamed of gold, fragrant dahlia’s & several gorgeous blooms I didn’t recognize!


The men were quietly discovering the art of tying the perfect bow tie in the foyer, while I meet with the bride in her quarters.  I gasped when I saw the girls in their floor length champagne gowns!!  I was excited to begin.. sensory overload.  Enough words… I know you are just here for the pretty pictures!

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*Side Note: The bride’s little sis did NOT have anything to drink- the girls were simply teasing her & it made for a picture perfect moment full of genuine laughs!








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Mallory & Tom: WEDDING DAY————> VIEW MORE NOW :: Register by verifying your email address & order prints

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Details of the Day:

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  • Adrienne – Such gorgeous pictures…I’ve joked that it is easy to take beautiful pics of beautiful people but I know it takes talent like yours to get such breathtaking results. It was such a pleasure working with Mallory, Tom and their families – felt the love also. Sometimes I feel left out if we simply do the rehearsal dinner but these pictures made me feel as if I attended the wedding! Thank you and Congratulations to the lovely couple!

  • Mary Beth Tudas

    Such a beautiful couple and a beautiful day! Thank you for letting us be a part of your joy!


This year we had our first wedding in Weston, Missouri.  I’d never ventured out there.. other than for a few editorials here & there.  I knew the countryside was lovely, but I had no clue that there was a fun historic downtown!   Nor did I realize how much beauty was waiting for me in this tiny town!

I’ve known Katie (she is the talented stylist & artist behind Mink Artistry) for quite a while, as we have worked together for years on weddings, editorials, pin-ups… you name it & we’ve probably worked it.  So walking into the wedding, I knew Katie would be working.. she would be fixing people all day.

And without a doubt, she would have to do her own hair & make-up.







bride-sisters-playing-on-wedding-day-weston katie_wedding_ceremony_pirtle_winery_weston_mo



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Details of the Day:

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I thought this Blog needed a little baby loving.  While I’ve attended a number of weddings over the last few months,  I’ve also captured some lovely moments with my client families & have yet to blog any of it!  I thought we needed a little baby time before I moved onto the next wedding.

I watched this couple walk down the isle last May & I saw the baby sparkles already twinkling in their eyes.  Not as all was I surprised when Brooke called me to share the exciting news.  Another adventure beginning just as another winds down… the roller coaster of motherhood & the transition into a new family unit has begun again.  I met with the new proud parents earlier this week- both beaming with pride as their introduced me to their calm & collected baby girl.  Miss Meredith was born, quiet observant & sleepy… very, very sleepy.  In fact, she slept during our ENTIRE shoot… she just laid there like a baby made of jelly.

This precious girl turned a week old during the course of our shoot.  We celebrated the moment, and I thought about that moment for me…

The moment my daughter achieved her first week out of the womb.  The first of many moments that have now become a blur .  It seems a distant memory as I look at my bouncing, talkative two year old who currently runs her sticky fingers through her hair.  Their are many joys in life, but watching your child grow up is an unparalleled experience we too soon forget.   And I am happy to be a part of so many lives, capturing these incredible moments as our children become their own.  Congratulations to my lovely friends, Brooke & Jason.

And PS: Think of the positives in your tri-level home?! When she first falls down the stairs (she will but she’ll survive)  she doesn’t have far to go!!


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  • George D mason

    Beautiful baby and great looking family …. Children are proof that God is real.

  • Gladys Wood

    She is so beautiful! And so much hair! Enjoy, Enjoy Enjoy! (Noticed the quilt – made with love!)


A day like this takes many years in the making… surrounded by friends they’ve shared their entire lives, this marriage began many years ago.  They were high school sweethearts & most of their friends they met in grade school.  I can count on one hand the friends through childhood that I still talk to… You’d think that two people can only be so lucky but these guys really hit the jackpot.

I arrived at their rehearsal dinner just as drinks were making the rounds.  Kayla grabbed me & excitedly began introducing me to everyone, girlfriends, guy friends, Patrick’s lovely sisters- I tried to remember all of the names as I took a spin through the packed room.  I couldn’t help but notice that I was the shortest one in this crowd (which isn’t out of the ordinary). But not only were all of the ladies naturally tall but every single one of them was sporting 3-5 inches worth of heel! I was impressed! But we all know I’m a short girl who can’t function in heels… better pack the ladder.

I’ll let the photographs tell their story… I can still hear the laughter as I flip through their images.  Days like these are fun to relive… my smile never fades as I edit.  Kayla makes me laugh & I’m clearly not the only one!

(*vendor details & link to proofing at the bottom of this post, remember to leave a comment for the bride & groom!)











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Their direct page lives here, but you must register by verifying your email address:

Details of the Day:


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  • Barb Bruns

    Love this couple and these pictures! Such a great wedding and such wonderful families! Congratulations Kayla and Patrick!

  • Steve Sales

    Wow. Great photos. I couldn’t be prouder of you and Patrick. Love you both.

posted by adrienne

We attend & capture weddings every weekend during the Summer.  Every day is different.. sometimes we get snow (re: May of this year!) & other times it’s exceptionally warm outside!  Nicole & Geoff were married on a summer day in Missouri.  Nicole appeared in a breath taking gown- Geoff in a handsome grey suit.  No one melted & everyone was in high spirits.  They were surrounded by loving family & hilarious friends who made the day exceptional.


june-wedding-day-groom-getting-ready june-wedding-day-purple-bride-sleeved-gown







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Galleries are loading to their event page ( & the complete event will be ready by 7/22

Details of the Day:

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  • Aunt Teresa

    Nicole and Geoff beautiful pictures. Hard to pick which ones I like the best.

  • Jessica

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

  • Spencer

    Congratulations you guys! Love you both. Be sure to come visit

  • Vanessa

    Nicole- I absolutely loved the look of your wedding. Your dress, colors, everything was gorgeous. And we will be adding Adrienne to our list of vendors. These pictures are awesome. Congratulations to you and Jeff

  • James

    The pictures are awesome! Congrats to you both!

  • Kathy Fountain

    Great photos!! You two look great!

  • Teresa

    Im so glad that I was able to be a part of your special day. It went perfect. Nicole you looked stunning. Geoff and the guys did an awesome job at paying attention as when to walk 🙂

  • jules

    Im very happy for you both. Wish we would have been able to make it out for the wedding but the pictures look like that captured it all beautifully. Congratulations nicole and geoff.

  • Angie

    Love your pictures!

  • Mandy

    Wonderful day, wonderful couple, wonderful pictures. Love you both

  • Paul

    Best wedding of the year!!! Thanks for a great time & we love your photos!

  • Staci

    You look beautiful Nicole. Hope your day was everything you could have imagined and wanted.

  • Pat

    So Happy For You Both!!

  • Patty

    Not one bad photo!!

  • Uncle Joe Pace

    ADRIENNE, what an amazing job on Geoffs and Nicoles wedding pictures even on that hot day you and your staff had it together i will be telling everyone i know about your work and what beautifull work you did.

  • Uncle Joe Pace

    Nicole and Geoff i really like the one where you to are dancing nicole your face is so serious and it tells how much you love geoff.

  • Uncle Joe Pace

    A job well done they all are amazing love them all as i did that amazing day, love to you both \nicole and geoff good luck in picking your album because they are all amazing.

  • Heather

    Beautiful pictures

  • Bobbi

    The color in these pictures is amazing! Everything pops! And the couple looks fantastic

  • Debbie

    Congrats you guys!! beautiful pictures

  • Erin

    Beautiful pictures. Great photographer!!!!

  • Nicole

    Adrienne you did such an amazing job!! Its so hard to pick which pictures we want!!! thank you so much!! We will def be working together when Geoff and I move back to KC and need someone for family photos 🙂

  • Karen

    Wish you both many years of love and happiness!!

  • Jo

    I wish my wedding photos would have been this good !! Im going to remember this photographer for the kids! Beautiful pictures and a beautiful couple!

  • Veronica

    Love these pictures!! Welcome to the family Nicole 🙂

  • Scott Eastman

    Excellent job on the photos they all turned out great

  • Danielle

    Some seriously precious moments here! Love your dress and bouquet!

  • Kimberly

    You guys are so cute!! Im sure Jake wishes he could have been in these 🙂

  • Kendall

    So Happy For The Newly Weds! Your photographer did awesome!

  • Deb

    Nicole you looked beautiful and Geoff handsome 🙂 love you both

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    I looove your pictures!!! Congrats Nicole & Geoff!

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    So happy for you guys! Your pictures are amazing! I love the colors!

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    Pictures look great. Hope you had a great day. Obviously Suong did.

  • Janelle Lieurance

    Great job, Adrienne, the pictures are awesome! Nicole and Geoff your wedding day was beautiful 🙂 thank you for letting me be a part of it. Tell Jakey I will be back to visit ASAP.

  • Betty Spags

    Great photos!! Beautiful!

  • F. A. M.

    Great Photos! Our photographer certainly did not capture our day like yours did!!

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    Your pictures are amazing! So glad they came out beautiful! Congrats you two

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    Beautiful pictures!!!

  • JAN


  • Pagina

    Just looked through all of them and you two are going to have a pretty hard time picking your favorites out! 🙂

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    I love your dress!! You look gorgeous and these pictures capture the day perfect for those who missed it!

  • Kit

    Great photographs! Adrienne was a blast to work with!

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    Such a wonderful day!! Beautiful pics!

  • Pagina

    Great pictures! So excited to see the rest of them! Nicole was beautiful and Geoff was handsome!

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    Such pretty pictures!

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    These are wonderful!! Adrienne you captured everything perfect! You can come take our pictures and climb on the furniture anytime!! Love u Nicole and Geoff!

  • Paula

    Nicole you look beautiful! These pictures are awesome! Congrats to you and Geoff!

  • Sarah Reynolds

    Your pictures are beautiful! So glad Tom, Kit and I could be a part of your special day! Hugs to you ! (because I know you like them so much!)

  • Ruth

    To the happy couple,
    To many nights of dreaming with days of loving and years of happiness. Congrats Ruth

  • Wendy R

    The wedding pictures are beautiful! Just like the Bride and Groom…

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    Beautiful pictures!

  • Uncle Joe Pace

    Geoff and Nicole what a beautifull couple you make these pictues are awesome cannot wait to see all of them , nicole what a breathtaking bride you were, Papa would have and is so proud of you and i know he would approve of geoff and i know he was looking down on you both on your beautifull day, love you both and what a pleasure for me to be able to share your wonderfull day, Thankyou Both. My hats off to this phothogher and her staff for doing a wonderfull job.

  • Raph

    Great wedding and super pictures!! Thx for everything!!!

  • Daniel Ebinger

    All the best to you !!! Looking beautiful!

  • Henry

    Pretty hot day, but the bride and groom in these pictures are even hotter! Great pictures! Geoff, you’re a lucky man. Take good care of your new wife….

  • HC

    Everyone had such a great time at this event! The pictures are amazing and capture some of the greatest moments. Well done! Nice choice G&N

  • Hank

    Awesome pics from an awesome day! Adrienne, nice job of loosening everyone up to get some great natural shots.

  • Hank Kudlacz

    You could have airbrushed some hair on my head………

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    Gorgeous wedding! Beautiful pictures!

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    These are some of the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen!! The colors are gorgeous. Congrats again you two!

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    AWESOME pictures for an AWESOME wedding! Had a blast guys! Wish you the best of luck!

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    Loved the pictures!! The day was captured beautifully!

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    These photos are amazing!! Nicole you were a gorgeous bride and Geoff is one lucky man 😉
    I love how the photos capture their personalities!!

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    LOVE all of these!!

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    Great photos. Love all the pictures and the smiles. My favorite was the jumping picture!
    Xoxo, The Daigre Family

  • Dan Kudlacz

    Awesome photos!

  • Geoff Kudlacz

    Adrienne the pictures look great!! Nicole and I are very pleased with your work. Everyone who reads this- Adrienne is an amazing photographer. She was exactly what we were looking for. She makes sure everyone is comfortable during the whole occasion. She knows how to get the right shots and how to get the job done. I’ve seen photographers who don’t exactly know what they want or how to get people in the right poses, but not her. She’s amazing and very peofessional. I would recommend her to ANYONE. Thanks again for everything!

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    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding. What a fun night!

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    I love the photos! You did a great job!

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    A day I will always treasure. Absolutely beautiful photos. Love you kids.

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    I love our photos!! These are only a glimpse and I’m obsessed!! Can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks so much Adrienne!

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    You have got to be the most beautiful bride! Breathtaking! I love all of these photos and once again, am so happy for you both! Xo

posted by adrienne

The moment you meet Hannah, you fall in love with her infectious laughter. When Grant walks into the room her eyes twinkle & her smile beams from ear to ear. There is pure joy & unconditional love between these two, obvious to all who surround them.

Their wedding day can be briefly stated in those things above: Hannah’s smile never faded. Grant gave her knowing smiles & loving glances all day. They have a love that has blossomed over time, grown through the years into something truly unique & beautiful.


I often say that you can tell so much about a couple by the friends they surround themselves with on wedding day. Again this rang true for Hannah & Grant. Truth beauty & love equals brilliant perfection in this couple.











Every couple is part of our comment contest! Share & link this page with your friends and encourage them to comment. For every comment we’ll give $1 to the bride & groom to put towards Fine Art Prints for their home!

View proofs online:; The personal page for this couple is located here:

Details of the Day:


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  • Rachel


    Great pictures, Adrienne– thanks!

A day of all smiles… everyone.. everywhere!! Laughter & smiles are contagious on a beautiful fall day.  And these are the best kind of days for everyone!  Smiles were all around me & always, ALWAYS worn upon my bride’s happy, glowing face.  Anna is the type of bride that make documenting happy stories so wonderful.  So many moments will come & go during a day like this.  The questions is, will I be in the right place at the right moment to catch them!? View full post »

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  • Donna Bradshaw

    Beautiful Pictures! Beautiful Couple!

  • What beautiful pictures that capture the joy this bride and groom shared with all of us the day of the wedding. How lucky I was to be a part of it!

  • Carly

    These look awesome! I love that Anna is smiling in practically every picture – it fits her perfectly!

  • Janae Beahan

    Absolutely stunning! Adrienne – fabulous photos. So happy for Anna and Brent!

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