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posted by adrienne

Emmaline skips around the living room.

She is singing to herself, something random & made-up, probably to the turn of ‘Twinkle-twinkle little star’…    I could simply watch her for hours.  I smile at her gestures, completely honest… uninhibited, simple & innocent.  She is perfectly innocent & I can think of nothing but what I can do to protect her.  How can I teach her to survive this world?

This month Emmaline turned three… she is three, three, three.  I’m not entirely sure how its come so quickly?



I was warned about how terrible ‘the twos’ can be.., on the contrary, I’ve found her second year to be very enjoyable, full of funny sayings & beautiful laughter. She’s growing into her own little person.  Her insightful remarks often catch me off guard.  I didn’t expect her to connect concepts when she just recently learned to string together sentences.

I have also learned that being a mom doesn’t really happen overnight.  We are handed a newborn baby & we spend the rest of our lives developing our roles as parents.  This role evolves over time as we watch our children grow & they begin to test the limits of our control over them.  It’s an exhausting battle… much discipline wasn’t required for our two year old.  She has naturally been a very obedient child; but upon entering her third year I can see that the rules are, once again, changing & challenging me…


Slowly, I am learning what it really means to be a mother.

Funny how someone so small has changed me so much.  I think children make us all become better people.  We look to them to show us the magic we have long forgotten, reminding us that the world isn’t completely void of brightness.

Thank you Emmaline for coming into our lives during some of the darkest days & returning becoming my light. You make me enjoy everyday more.  I love you little bug, especially your sloppy wet kisses.






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  • Debbie Sakmar

    She’s a doll! Love just flows out when you have a little child loving you, doesn’t it? You were

  • Jennifer

    Shine your way Emmaline! We love you!

  • Cheryl aka Mimi

    Very sweet. She is a joy & we love watching her grow into her own little person.
    Your role as a mom has made you a better person. I look forward to the yrs of blogs ahead!
    (Esp the ones when she turns into a teen!)


It’s 1:09 am and Ashlee & I have just parted ways after a great day at the Circle S Ranch in Lawrence. It was our first wedding there; however I was first introduced to the place after my husband brought me there for a birthday getaway. I’ve always thought this place was the perfect place to get married & I was excited about shooting Colby & Hayden’s wedding on the ranch.

For a photographer who enjoys artistic portraits as well as documenting people, this was the perfect day! A laid-back couple joined by friends & family near and far, cows mooing in the distance as the rain clouds parted to reveal the most beautiful of skies. This is truly one of the many reasons I love it here in Kansas, after the rain you get a day like no other.

Some images are worth the journey to get there. Although I saw doubt creep across Colby’s face as we drove through the pasture after her ceremony. She swatted bugs out of her face & pulled at the sheet that covered her gown. The turbulent drive ended a top a hill, looking out across the rolling hills of the ranch as we were greeted by families of long horns. Colby trusted me enough to take her across fields & through the pasture on a questionable day!








Every couple is part of our comment contest! Share & link this page with your friends and encourage them to comment. For every comment we’ll give $1 to the bride & groom to put towards Fine Art Prints for their home!

View all of the images online in another week:

View their slideshow & register to view their event page here:

Details of the Day:


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  • Mary

    I can’t wait to see more pictures! Colby and Hayden were the most fun couple and Colby was just wonderful and picking everything out, starting with Hayden 🙂 Congrats!!!

  • Katy

    Beautiful pictures! Such a fun wedding!

  • Blair Sells

    Gorgeous bride and fantastic photos!! Looks like a stunning day all around 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Great photos as always. Beautiful bride!


I’ve been archiving files & remembering all of the amazing moments from the last year.  I began pulling images for competition & ran across moments I had forgotten, a few I’d overlooked.  But after going back through, I found some great moments that never hit the blog.

So snuggle up as the polar vortex brings cold air throughout the Midwest & enjoy a few of my favorite wedding moments from last year!






























Other Wedding Venues & Vendors Featured in this Post:

  • Indian Hills Country Club
  • Simple Elegance Wedding Coordination
  • Craig Sole Designs
  • Sidelines Custom Floral
  • The President Hotel
  • Union Station
  • Dan Meiners Event Space
  • The Sheraton, Country Club Plaza
  • Pech Limousine

All of these wedding moments were captured in & around Kansas and Missouri.  This Overland Park photography studio is available for travel throughout Kansas & Missouri: Lawrence, Topeka, Weston, Lee Summit, Overland Park, Kansas City, Springfield, Branson, .  Inquire about out of state travel. Creative wedding photography, capturing artistic, beautiful moments on your wedding day.


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PORTRAIT COLLECTIONS {multiple session}

Multiple sessions with the studio always provide our clients with more!   We love seeing our repeat clients & we want to see you more often!! Therefore we offer several options for Baby Collections to fit every client & budget.  Repeat clients are offered discounts on multiple sessions & studio products as well as print ready discs with every session.  Read more & sign up for our Preferred Client program here.

We offer convenient plans that include 2, 4 or 6 sessions over a period of 18 months.

From framed art prints to luxury books & albums, we offer a full line of products that are the perfect compliment to your beautiful images.


The PlayShoot:

Adrienne will travel to the family home & capture your family in an artistic & timeless way. Before your session begins, Adrienne will help review clothing options, scout your home for the best scenes & tailor your ideas to fit the shoot. Throughout your session, you & your family will be encouraged to interact naturally together.  Nothing is posed or forced; therefore the end result is a collection of images that beautifully  capture who you are TODAY.   Don’t let another year pass you by without capturing these timeless moments with your children!

Find out your Investment cost & current studio offers HERE.



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Preferred Client Loyalty Program

Starting in January 2014, we’ve instituted a new policy to insure our repeat clients stay happy!  We appreciate your loyalty & want to thank you.

Benefits of Preferred Status

  • Preferred Clients will receive their images from every session in a share ready format for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & any other online purpose.
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  • Depending on the type of session, preferred clients receive 1-5 enhanced digital files from each session (ready for printing).
  • All previous wedding clients will receive a BONUS session when booking a baby collection with the studio!
  • Preferred Clients receive special discounts on fine art & canvas print orders. (Depending on the offers from our lab, this can add up to 50% off!)
  • 10% off all books & albums (if ordered within 45 days of your session)
  • Birth Photography services are only available to preferred clients.
  • ** Excludes proof prints ordered online.


How do I Qualify?

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The holidays have come & gone.  Once again we’ve welcomed in a New Year & all of the promises a fresh year will bring.

Our darling Emmaline will be THREE this March.  It is quite difficult to believe that three years have flown by so quickly… that I now have a child full of spirit, silly expressions, hugs & kisses & a conversational vocabulary.  Among many reasons (and the fact that she is very likely an only child), she has been allowed to sleep in the ‘big bed‘ for the last few months. She slept in a co-sleeper by my side from birth until she was big enough to move into her crib.  While others judge & address their own concerns about co-sleeping, I don’t regret a moment of it.  Co-sleeping has been a mutually rewarding arrangement that has deepened our bond.   Although It should be mentioned that this will be a hard habit for me to break as well…

For months, we’ve been preparing for her ‘big girl’ transition. We’ve been working on potty training to go with the make over of her BIG girl bedroom. She is getting her own ‘big bed’ (that’s what she’s always called our bed).  We’ve talked about becoming a big girl & what this means for months- she delights in the progress I am making in her room. I want it to be somewhere she wants to hang out & have time to herself… & theoretically.. go to sleep!!


At night I am woken by several Emmaline methods: a random slap in the face, kick in the stomach/face/thigh- always somewhere soft, a soft voice demanding ‘mommy, milk…pease‘, or the occasional sobbing nightmare.  It is time to kick her out of our bed…  Still, despite it all, the snuggles at night & the sweet sing-song manner in which she declares: ‘love you mommy.. you my best friend.. I’m your baby.‘ will make the move across the hall a sad one.


She’s growing so fast, I can’t seem to catch my breath. I want to bottle up every kiss, every sweet word, all of her brightness & cheer. It’s beyond precious… It’s beyond any measure of value. And before knowing her, I could never understand this feeling of dedication & blind love.

It’s late, 12:56 am & Em has school in the morning.

Tomorrow the day will begin with a kiss on my face & a delightful chirp of my child alarm clock: ‘wake up mommy! It’s time to wake up’.

And my day begins, bright & beautiful: in a place I could not imagine just three short years ago.  Thank you Emmaline, for ‘waking’ me up & bringing such delight & brightness into our lives.


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  • Debbie Sakmar

    Brings back so many feelings from your baby-and child hood. Love you so much, & now our sweet Emmaline too! Mom

  • Jennifer

    Precious pics, precious girlie, precious Mommy, and precious words

posted by adrienne

Here are Joanna & Eric a classic American love story.  These two met as kids, played together, knew the family… attended different colleges, forgot about one another then one day, through the wonders of the internet, (& Facebook) they found one another again.  Eric spotted her profile picture & remembered the girl he once knew.   The perfect match & a day full of true love, emotion, fun energy… it was electric and a perfect end to our 2013 wedding season!


It was a gorgeously deceptive sunny day, it looked warm until you stepped outside- the cold wind gusts took my breath away.  Winter was blowing into Kansas City but Joanna & Eric didn’t mind.  They were too excited to notice, caught in each others gaze- they gave me opportunities I seldom get when it’s this cold.   Just before the reception, I pulled them out into the cold night air, threw my lights on them & happily snapped away.   As much as I love documenting a story & searching for little moments, I also love creative beautiful artistic portraits that will stand the test of time.  It reminds me that even though my body aches for days after a good wedding, I still love what I do… and every family I am lucky enough to capture.  Thank you Joanna & Eric for reminding me to love every day & cherish every moment!






Every couple is part of our comment contest! Share & link this page with your friends and encourage them to comment. For every comment we’ll give $1 to the bride & groom to put towards Fine Art Prints for their home!

Joanna & Eric: WEDDING DAY————> VIEW MORE NOW :: Register by verifying your email address & order prints

All images are now available online!! Visit our proofing site (Choose FEATURED EVENTS> Joanna & Eric)

Details of the Day:

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 This session is the perfect example of why engagement sessions can be fun!!  I meet so many couples that DREAD having their photos taken (uhum,.. the guys especially!).  But afterwards, they breathe a sigh of relief understanding that it can actually be fun.  You’re in love, you enjoy one another.. it’s the honeymoon period at its finest!!  Take advantage, get some fun, amazing photos of who you are together!!

Here are some fun shots I got with megan & sam last year 🙂  I just wanted to repost this one… it’s engagement season! Take advantage of the gorgeous colors & have FUN with your engagement photos. View full post »

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Get out with the kiddos this Saturday & support your local downtown Overland Park!

We’ll be celebrating the Fall with live music, lots of local businesses handing out treats, decorate your own pumpkin & much more.

Give the kids another chance to wear that costume out of the house!  The Market opens at 10AM.


Downtown Overland Park


Bring your little ghouls and goblins to Downtown OP on Saturday, Oct. 26.  There will be live music at the clock tower, 10 a.m. – noon. Bring the kiddos to the market as we will have CartWheel decorating pumpkins purchased from the market and making spooky Halloween masks.

TRICK-or-TREATING will take place between 2 and 4 p.m. with participating businesses. The Halloween Fun Band will perform on the patio!

Over 30 downtown businesses will be handing out candy and free trick-or-treat bags!

Start at the clock tower patio for a list of participating businesses and to pick up a special trick-or-treat bag! Look for “trick-or-treat here” posters in participating business windows, as well.

Adrienne Maples PhotoStudios will be set-up near the clock tower on the patio.  Stop by & say ‘Hello’!

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