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It’s best to know your enemy before beginning the battle.  This is certainly true of Lyme Disease! And with Lyme Disease quickly becoming an epidemic, it’s more important than ever to teach your children prevention.

‘Knowing is half the battle…’

Do you remember this old G.I. Joe adage??  It played over and over and OVER in my head the first time my husband was hospitalized because of Lyme disease.

At the time, we had no idea what was keeping him so ill.  I told myself if I could just discover the cause…

…If I JUST KNEW what it was…

That would be half of my battle.  I fought my way to discovery and then I fought for treatment. I was in for the fight of my life in order to save his.

Now I want to help save others.  By teaching prevention & EARLY detection, we can prevent this epidemic from crippling our children!  Here is what you need to know.

———————–>>>  Lyme disease is trasmitted by ticks, gross little blood suckers. However, then need to be attached for a while to transmit the disease. But the situation should always be monitored and taken seriously. Early detection, a round or two of antibiotics and you are scot-free!! Waiting until a month or more has passed to address the problem will allow Lyme disease to take hold.  It’s a living organism, don’t give it a chance to reproduce!

But what if… what if I find a tick and it IS attached???

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It happened without intention… At some point over the summer, I realized I was having trouble hitting the ‘publish’ button.

I was agonizing over which images to accompany my words.. Frustrated, I would give up & instead play make-believe with my daughter.

My website was hacked two years ago.  While that seems like a long time ago, my google ranking has never recovered. My google ranking insured my success when I first moved to Kansas City. Instead of spending on advertising, I invested my time in optimizing the website.

Once again, I vowed to keep up with my blog, to share my work. Finding the time … somewhere… somehow.  The truth is that real life gets in the way of my online presence.

I choose not to share most of my life on social media.  Just a snippet here & there and perhaps a funny story about my daughter once in a while.  While this online social arena has become very important to my business, it’s not really important to my life at home.

I took the Summer away from social media- as much as I could.  Which in social media terms, means I virtually disappeared to most of my audience; yet I remained busy.

So here is just a TINY bit of what’s been keeping me busy.  And once I finally get all of this holiday orders to the lab, I’m going to spend some time updating this blog… probably…

unless Emmaline is looking especially cute…. then, all bets are off!




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Every story begins with ‘How we met.’  So how did you two meet?

We were set up by mutual friends.

My sister and a friend of Josh’s got the idea to set us up. Melea (Josh’s friend) told Josh that he should ask me out. It took him a few months to actually build up the courage, but he eventually did, and we’ve been dating ever since.

How long did you date before he popped the question? Did you have any idea it was coming?

We had been dating for almost exactly two years when he proposed. I thought it might be coming sometime soon, but we had never talked about or looked at rings so I was surprised. I thought he would ask me about rings, but instead he looked on my Pinterest page for ideas.



Tell me about the night he finally proposed…

Josh and I went on a trip to Mexico, but because he had never asked about rings I wasn’t sure if it would happen there. Also, when we got there he gave me the combination to the safe in the room, and I thought if he had a ring he would put it in there. But that night we went to dinner, and after dinner went to check out the beach. While we were sitting on the beach he proposed the first night.



How long did you plan your wedding? What were the first elements you tackled in the beginning?

We started planning almost immediately after we got home from our vacation in Mexico (so one year). My mom and sister and bridal magazines waiting for me and I started looking into what I wanted for our wedding. We first looked for and found our venue before we did anything else, and then looked into caterers and photographers.


So far, what do you feel were the best decisions? What has been the most difficult?

The most difficult decision was the dress. I’m very indecisive and liked several dresses. I just wanted to be certain I picked the right one.

The best decision was to have our ceremony and reception at THE SAME LOCATION. I’m glad everything was planned for inside because it was predicted to rain on our wedding day.

Any advice for brides in the beginning stages of planning their wedding?

Get things done early! Even if you think it’s too early to do them. I kept putting things off thinking that it was too early to do them or I didn’t need to do them yet, and it left me with a lot of things to accomplish in the last month or two before the wedding.


For more from this wedding, visit our proofing site where you can order prints directly: Kelsey & Josh-

And leave a comment below for the happy couple- every comment left on their blog will give $1 towards their studio credit.

Help them get something lovely for their new home!

Thanks to the Kansas City Wedding Professionals who helped make this day a success.

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  • Krista

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day!

  • Elaine Vassmer

    What beautiful pictures of a beautiful day!

  • Kay

    Beautiful pictures. I love all the pictures they tell the story of what a great afternoon and evening.

  • Jennifer

    Great images as always! (I love the dress that the girl holding the microphone is wearing!)

  • Gary Littrell

    What beautiful pictures and a fantastic couple! Congratulations to you both! So sorry that I could not make your wedding.

  • Paula

    Great job Adrienne!!!

  • Ha Chelsea! I had to make sure that everyone was accurately represented 🙂 And honestly, I just thought you were too cute. That image was a testament to your fun personality.

  • Chelsea Lane

    Gorgeous! Absolutely perfect representation of the day. 🙂 even a little spanx show from yours truly 😉

  • Jaime

    I love them all!!!

  • Kerrissa

    Gorgeous pictures!!

  • Gloria

    Absolutely beautiful photos and you were a gorgeous bride cousin.


In the beginning, I wondered who would be potty trained first.  As if that was actually a real question?

Of course the dog would train first.  Dogs are easy.

Children & Husbands are the ones who need a shock collar.


I’ve never actually considered using a shock collar… it’s just a funny notion to think of my husband jetting a jolt.

I first compared ‘training my toddler’ to ‘training a dog‘ the afternoon my two year took an accidental swim in the lake.  She refused to listen as I advised she step away from the water’s edge. Instead she charged forward, lost her footing & slipped into the dark water.  Within an instant, the look of shock on her plump, baby face disapeared beneath the surface.

That moment lives in my mind, frozen still in my memory. While the moments after are a blur of emotions that left me feeling empty & full of guilt. Once we were safely home in a warm bath, I hid my tears.

But Pete would never do something like that!

We added Pete to our family just after Emmaline turned two.  He was just an adorable ball of fluff that rapidly grew into a 70 pound hulk of a dog! We chose the Austrailian Shepard breed because they are well known for being intelligent, attentive dogs that are protective of their family. Originally bred as cattle dogs, these loyal companions thrive when given a job within a household.


Things I’ve learned from Pete-the-dog:

  •  Plenty of great life lessons can be build around caring for a pet. For instance,  Pick up your toys or the dog will eat them is a great motivator for clean floors!
  •  Dogs make great playmates.  They don’t talk back and silence is golden.
  •  Cleaning up spills is WAAAY faster with a live-in vacuum cleaner. This was a revelation the first time Em dropped an entire bowl of sticky macaroni on the floor.
  • Emmaline enjoys locking Pete in his crate & reading to him.  I hope she remembers this as fondly as I do when she’s older. It’s pretty cute but I don’t have a great photo of it yet.
  • The dog would do anything to protect Emmaline. His natural instinct is to ‘heard livestock‘ so we taught him to ‘find the baby‘. We let her run & send Pete to go catch her.  They can play this game for hours.
  •  A smart dog is relatively easy to train but you must always remember ‘YOU ARE THE BOSS’ or you might find them taking advantage of you. This rule definitely applies to children as well!
  • Developing an ‘Alpha Voice’ is important for getting your dog AND children to listen to your commands. I practiced on the dog & it got easier with the kid!
  •  Don’t teach your dog to chase the ‘orange cat’ that pees on the bushes. Now he gets fired up anytime a cat creeps through the backyard.  Often it’s in the middle of the night & his bark jolts me from my sleep. I guess that’s karma.
  •  Pete is convinced the mailman, UPS & FedEx drivers are all plotting against us.


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  • Almost… Too bad little Elsie will keep you pet free! Perhaps a goldfish?

  • Aw, this post almost makes me want a dog! Almost… 🙂 Love the puppy shot grabbing Em’s dress. Absolutely too cute.


I was devastated when I heard the news.  I knew they’d be moving …

I mean… eventually... after all it’s only been EIGHT years, two kids & a new title.  That’s all.  I guess eight years goes quickly when you’re keeping busy.

It’s difficult to believe they are packing up and moving THIS week.  The beginning of something new as they prepare to welcome their third child into the world.


More than a decade ago these two met in their high school chemistry class. She needed a lab partner… he was adorably cute & smart.  Something out of an episode of ‘The Wonder Years‘… just a couple of young kids who see potential after discovering they make a great team.

Now I am greeted by their blond, blue-eyed, beauties. Two silly girls who love sharing with me their latest accomplishments & craziest faces. And I enjoy every moment– even when mom cringes a little.. because silly girls think it’s funny to show you their bums.

We laugh together & sing songs. They make me treasures and give me hugs as they battle each other for my attention.  I can’t wait to meet their next fire cracker!  Her birth story will be gracing these pages shortly after she makes her debut.

This is just the next chapter… besides I travel for love.


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  • I’m so thankful that I found your work, and grateful that you were willing to travel. And that now you’ve gotten to capture our growing family as we became friends. You are amazing at what you do, and you are an even more amazing person. I love you lots!!


After 13 years photographing weddings, occasionally a bride will still surprise me but it’s always the girl I least expect.

This is certainly true of Leah, who shocked us all on wedding day when she willingly wrapped herself with a 12 foot Python in route to the church! Her groom stood by his bride, just as shocked as the rest of us.

Therefore, I can say without any hesitation, that Leah was THE bravest bride. Because, even I, would not wrap a snake around myself.  You might think I’d be that kind of girl, but I am not.

But this story isn’t about that… I’ll share that somewhere else & spare those who don’t like snakes.

I’ve decided to tell a different part of the story… about the view from behind the altar.

{Psst.. still curious about the snake, check it out here: ‘Is your photographer ready for anything?’}

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  • Erin

    Great story! The snake was definitely an intriguing detail. I love how you got the perfect spot behind the altar to shoot. What a darling couple!! Thanks for sharing their story.

  • I wish I got this chance every wedding day!! I actually don’t think there was a hiding place behind your altar… Now that it been a’few’ years, I can barely remember your church!

  • How awesome!!! I wish there hadn’t been any church rules at our wedding. Though the shots you go were still awesome, naturally. Beautiful photos as always!


Q::     Today I am interviewing Mrs. Lindsey Lee who started her own not-for-profit organization, K-911 Foundation, to help animals in need.  Tell us more about how you save lives on a daily basis?

I started this organization so I could provide the best help to animals in need. I’ve been rescuing animals since I was a child but now through K911, I have the resources needed to save animals from gas chamber shelters, kill-shelters, hoarding situations and more.  At K911, we believe that every pet deserves a loving family.

I focus the majority of my efforts to saving dogs in harm’s way.  I’ve pulled some amazing dogs from kill shelters in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and placed them with loving families.

Another huge goal is focusing on the overpopulation of cats by TNR (trap, neuter, release).  In just 7 years, one female cat (and her offspring) could produce 400,000+ cats! Through educating people about the importance of spaying & neutering their animals, we can make a big difference the numbers of animals being killed, neglected & abused every day.


Q::       Tell us the story of how you came to have 16 hound dog puppies, the adorable pups seen in these photos.  (Update- these guys have all been adopted.  But you CAN still help!  Use the information in this post to contact Lindsey & help her save other animals in desperate need.) 

While reviewing the Missouri Swap and Shop page, I jumped out at me: “ Free bloodhounds – need 7 gone ASAP!” I couldn’t believe my eyes.. SEVEN bloodhounds… Who else would be willing to take on seven hound dogs?

Without hesitation, I sent a message immediately saying, “I want them all.’  

You must understand, I have been a little bit obsessed with bloodhounds since I was… eh 4? 5?  The first time I watched Fox & The Hound, I was in love. Ever since, I’ve dreamt of saving one and eventually having one of my very own…

We drove half-way across Missouri to meet with a woman who claimed she was “getting rid” of the dogs because of her failing health. After some small talk, I discover the dogs have not been properly cared for and they’ve never seen a vet.

As they begin bringing out the dogs, the woman casually mentions:

“ Oh, and I forgot… one of them is pregnant… like really pregnant. I hope that’s okay?”

They pulled the very pregnant dog out, along with 4 other females, 2 of which were also noticeably pregnant. Concerned for the safety of the dogs, I decided not ask anymore questions for fear she might change her mind. I wanted them safe, with me.

Not 24 hours later, the first six puppies were born.

I am happy to report that all of the dogs are now vetted and settled into their new forever homes. Several wonderful people stepped up to help me with this situation. I’m very grateful to Great Plains SPCA, MARQ and several wonderful people who helped foster the dogs & their pups.

Q:: How old were you when you first began saving animals ?

It started when I was old enough to ride my bike by myself.  When riding around, if I saw an animal that wasn’t in someone’s home or yard it sudden my business.

I was an animal detective, I had to find out where this animal lived and why on earth it’s family didn’t mind it being out. This continued for years, saving the strays, finding new homes, etc.

Then I started working at vet clinics. The first animal I saved from a clinic was named Leopold.. and he still lives with my mom! He has to be as old as I am!


Q::     When did you decide to start your own non-profit? What prompted you & what does this mean for you since you were already saving animals?

I talked about it for years but finally took the leap last year. I quit my job and had some sort of ‘quarter life epiphany‘. I was taking in so many animals & paying for everything out of pocket. I wasn’t allowed to accept donations or have fundraisers without two different kinds of licensing in Kansas.

In addition, most shelters require you to have a license to pull animals from their care.  If I wanted to save the ones that were on death row… I needed a license. At that point, it was no longer optional… I had to do it.

Q::     These days, you are the first person I think about when I know of an animal in need or if I am considering adopting a pet! What all is involved for you when you take on animals that are in need?

Hey, thanks!!

The number one thing is a foster home. I have to have somewhere for this animal to go. A lot of times, especially in the beginning, the dog or cat ended up at my house. I didn’t have any foster homes, I didn’t have the support around me like I do today. Over the years I have acquired several AMAZING fosters… without them, I wouldn’t be able to save some of the animals that I have in the past.

After I have a temporary home lined up, then comes transport and vet care. Depending on health issues, most of my fosters will allow the dog/cat to stay with them until they are adopted!

studio-portraits-puppies-kansas-city-animal-rescueQ::     Tell us about the adoption or foster process, for those who want to help or support your cause?

Adoption and foster applications are on the website. I provide home visits for foster & adoption. I want to be sure I find the RIGHT animal that fits into your home.

If you are unable to foster, there are still many ways we need help and support.  I love people take have taken an interest in what I do & I am happy to answer questions anytime.

I am proud to surround my life with my number one passion… so if people want to learn more, I always encourage them to ask. Education is key to remedying overpopulation/abuse and death rates!


Where can readers go to learn more about you or DONATE to your cause?



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  • Ok I am not a dog lover, at all, but these photos could not be any sweeter with all those puppies. Great work and great story!!


Newborn portraits are an art. Plain and simple. I’ll be the first to admit: it took a while before I achieved the look I wanted for my newborn portraits.

In fact, before I had my own child, I wasn’t comfortable handling newborn babies…

Now I happily share my knowledge with parents as I put their newborn to sleep, carefully creating the perfect spot to begin photographing.

Photographing new parents can be tricky as well. I often hear, ‘Don’t take any photos of me! I look terrible. I couldn’t get it together this morning!?!’

Try not to worry about that.

It’s a vulnerable time and I get it.  I can’t remember a more stressful time in my life than the first few days after giving birth! Ugh. I didn’t look or feel like myself. The last thing I wanted to do was leave the house.  (That’s ok, I can come to you!)  I felt Gross. Fat. TIRED…. so tired…

It’s hard to think about wanting photos taken but don’t let THAT keep you from having these moments documented.

I’ve been there and I know exactly how you feel.  I utilize beautiful lighting, creative posing, and the ART of photography to creatively include you in the photographs.  Just snuggle your new little bundle & I will work around the mess.


Photographs are like magic… using lighting & creativity I look for the perfect moments to tell your beautiful story.  And if you’ve already met me, you KNOW you are going to be entertained.

I will share with you my life experiences & assure you this happens to everyone!  The photos we create as we chat & soothe your baby.. those photos will become a memory you’ll never regret!  I realize this more with every passing year.  The photos I have taken are now forever remembered ‘moments’ in a family’s history.  Heirloom works of art that will be special to the children that have yet to be born.

What will happen during your newborn portraits session?

‘Oh no.. it’s happening!’ The new mom exclaims frantically as she uses her hand to shield mustard yellow poop from running onto my spotless, ivory couch.  It’s only spotless because it frequently gets cleaned by me & my good friend Oxy-Clean.  I’ve removed the many stains of childhood plenty of times.  It was recently attacked by a toddler with a red crayon and before that, another baby girl who couldn’t hang on to her lunch.

You see, this is common place.  It happens almost every time.

Kids are messy. Life is messy.

I am prepared for these things to happen.  You’ve JUST had a baby & we will work around your newborn!  You will probably nurse your new baby several times… and change them several times.  But the best thing about a single photograph is the power to freeze ‘a moment’… lock that moment down… so that the in-between no longer matters.

Keep reading to see my tips on preparing for your newborn portrait session. 

Ready to Book your newborn portraits?!

neborn-preparing-beautiful-baby-portraitsStudio Session in Overland Park (Newborn studio sessions start at $450, we block off plenty of time to allow you to nurse, change diapers, RELAX while Adrienne snuggles your infant!)

  1. Throw your props, outfits,  and stuffed animals into a clothes basket.  We’ll go through this when you arrive and I will help determine several things we can use to add personal touches to your newborn portraits.
  2. Dress your baby in something comfortable to make the trip as we start with a mostly naked baby.
  3. TRY NOT TO STRESS about your session. It’s your job to RELAX.  Adrienne will do the hard work (except for nursing- which brings the next point!)
  4. Be prepared to nurse or feed a bottle or two… or three.  In the early days, you’re little one will eat often!  If you are nursing, wear something that will be easy to get on & off. BE comfortable.
  5. Bring props! Anything goes- fun hats, blankets, anything with texture, neat boxes, baskets… anything your baby will fit inside! Think Creatively! Adrienne will take a look at what you bring & make decisions about what will work for your session.
  6. The studio will be very warm in preparation for your session, dress in layers so you don’t get too hot!
  7. Studio sessions are typically faster than home sessions but newborns don’t always cooperate.
  8. If this is your first baby, it will take you longer than expected to leave the house! Give yourself an extra half hour!

Home Session {We come to you!}  (sessions starting at $650)

  1. DO NOT clean the house!! Adrienne will be moving things around to find the perfect spot with great light. You’ve just had a baby- just relax & she’ll handle the rest.
  2. Warm it up! Newborns sleep better when they are warm.
  3. Have props & outfits ready. Anything goes- fun hats, blankets, anything with texture, neat boxes, baskets… anything your baby will fit inside! Think Creatively!
  4. Don’t worry about where the shoot will take place. Adrienne looks through your home and props to find the perfect combinations to create unique newborn portraits.
  5. Home sessions are relaxed & fun. Adrienne puts together several creative scenes for your newborn & gets a variety of shots within each artistic set.


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It’s been almost seven years since I met up with Megan & Jason in Westport to take their engagement photos.  I quickly became enamored with these two, as they dancing around Wesport telling me the story of how they met.  Before long, we were celebrating their wedding in Topeka where Megan grew up and, shortly after the wedding, Megan was packing up their house in preparation to jump continents.  She has settled in nicely & happily calls the land down under her new home.  We keep in touch via Facebook & email and I secretly hope that one day I’ll be heading to Australia to capture their life out there.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy living vicariously through Megan’s photos as she snuggles koala bears & plays with crocodiles.  (Kidding on the crocodile part!)

I think you have a really amazing love story, so let’s being with how you first met?

Like all great love stories, Jason and I met at the pub. Harry’s Bar and Tables in Westport is one of my favorite bars and I was there one night with friends. It was my turn to get drinks and it was a busy Friday night. I made my way up to the bar and a foreign accent said hello. We ended up chatting for ages. I found out that Jason and I were neighbors, both frequented Harry’s. He had only been in town a month and was on a three-month assignment in between work projects. We shared many laughs and although I thought he was super fun and incredibly good looking, I was dating someone at the time. When that relationship came to end shortly after, I remembered that Jason lived a couple of streets over and I gave him a call. While his version of the story makes it sound almost as if I chased him down and tied him up against his will, the reality was that we saw each other nearly every day thereafter.


When did you first know that he was THE ONE?!

After the second time I spent time with Jason, I didn’t exactly know that he was the one (I was fresh out of a relationship after all and not looking for anyone), but I recognized very well that I had never met anyone like him, I was grateful to have met him and I hoped that I would end up with someone like him someday.

How long did you date before he popped the question? Tell me about the night he finally proposed…

We had dated for just over four months when Jason told me that he wanted to marry me. Two months after we met we both moved to separate cities about eight hours apart; he to Springfield, MO and myself to Chicago. I had been there a week when Jason came to visit after New Year’s, and I suddenly found myself not looking for jobs in Chicago, but rather Springfield. Two weeks later I packed up the cat and my things and drove to Springfield to surprise him for his birthday. Two months later we were meandering through an antique shop, hand in hand, and he stopped to tell me that he wanted to spend his life with me. I agreed. There was no ring, it was unplanned, but it was perfect.


After the Wedding

I still remember your wedding very fondly… I remember it rained a little bit that day but everyone was high spirits.  Exactly how many years has it been now? 

Jason and I will have been married six years this coming August.

Years later, what is still your favorite wedding day memory or a favorite part of the day? 

I have a few actually. The first happened during the ceremony. I’m a bit of a crier when things get emotional and I think I was teary from nearly the moment I woke up that morning. After I finally got a chance to see Jason, our first moment ‘alone’ together was the back of the alter lighting candles for deceased loved ones. I remember being very emotional and Jason holding me tight. He didn’t say anything but he didn’t have to, I felt safe.love_story_Wedding_topeka

Later at the reception I found myself talking and talking and talking to guests. It was wonderful to see them and I appreciated their presence, but I remember thinking that I just wanted to let loose on the dance floor. So then I remember dancing and dancing and dancing with Jason, friends and loved ones. It was nearing the end of the night and I turned around to see my dad standing there with his arms open for a dance. In all of the action I had almost forgotten about him and he came to find me. I appreciated this moment and dance with my dad more than any of the others.

At the end of the night we had arranged for a limo to take Jason and I from the reception to the hotel. We never took the time to eat and we were absolutely starving. Like an angel from heaven, one of my bridesmaids came out of the kitchen with two huge plates of food that she had stashed away for us; it was brilliant! And then she and the rest of the wedding party hopped into our limo and rode off to party elsewhere. Jason and I ended up on the bus back to the hotel.


Do you recall what the hardest part of planning your wedding was? In retrospect, is there anything you wish you’d done differently? 

The hardest part about planning the wedding was trying to please everyone, or at least thinking that I had to try. For me there became a level of guilt surrounding the amount of time, effort and money going into everything that I wanted to day to be what my parents and grandparents wanted as well. Looking back I wouldn’t change anything, but perhaps I would have tried to enjoy the process a little more. Oh yeah, and I probably would have hired an event planner!

Any superstar wedding professionals that helped make your day fantastic?

For the record, Adrienne, it was you. If you hadn’t taken charge when things were chaotic and about to fall to pieces, I’m not sure how the evening would have played out. I have always remembered that and I thank you so much. You really are the best. 🙂

Well, I wasn’t fishing for a compliment, but I will take it!  Things like this make me heart happy.. even though it’s been SIX years- you still think fondly of me!


 And do you want to tell us how life has changed since the wedding? Have you always imagined yourself living somewhere far from Kansas? I’d love to know a little bit about how life is different in Australia than from the Midwest? I imagine lots of kangaroos & plenty of time spent snuggling Koala bears. Which I’ve seen photos on Facebook- I know you have fulfilled every little girls’ secret desire to hold a Koala bear!!

I spent a lot of time growing up wanting to get as far away from Kansas as possible. I thought it was so boring and ordinary, and with so much world to see – surely life was meant to be so much more exciting. Now that I have been away for over ten years, and having seen many beautiful and interesting parts of the world, I find it very emotional to go home. Not only am I way too far from my friends and family, but Kansas has somehow become one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Australia is extraordinary and it continues to offer us many opportunities to learn and grow, but nothing seems to compare to that Midwestern hospitality and friendliness.

I have reluctantly lost most contact with Mexican food, and watching my favorite teams is nearly an impossible task, but we are extremely fortunate to be surrounds by so many amazing friends who teach us about cool things other than college basketball (by the way, my Australian friends LOVE Thanksgiving and Jason continues to fry more and more turkey each year to feed the masses). Overall we hope to one day split our time between the two places more regularly.


Now that you are married and living on another continent, what’s next for you two? What are your hopes & dreams for the future?

Jason and I have both started business in Perth and we are concentrating on those at the moment. We do not have children, and we live far from our families, so we’re trying really hard to learn how to be good to each other and be good citizens of the world. We still like to have a boogie and socialize in between long work days, but we’re concentrating a lot on maintaining a sense of who we want to be while negotiating the balance of all things pertaining to life. I’m really not too sure what’s in store for us next, but I do know that it is going to be amazing.




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It’s always fascinating to learn how my couples met one another… I’m always asking their stories during their engagement session but by the time I get ready to blog about it- I’ve forgotten the details!!  So I thought I would start asking my brides a few questions before the wedding & share their answers just before the wedding.

Leah & Christian are getting married on Saturday May 30th!  That’s this week.. how did it get here so fast?  Here is what Leah had to say about falling in love, planning a wedding & what her best decisions have been during the process.


Q::     How did you first meet?  When did you first know that he was THE ONE?!
Christian & I met in college.We were at a party and ended up talking all night.

I had no idea how hard it would be living in different cities after graduation. I quickly realized that I hated being away from him and that he was “the one”. He drove to Kansas City almost every weekend for a year until he was able to move!


Q::   How long did you date before he popped the question? Did you have any idea that it was coming?
We dated for a little over three years before he proposed. We had talked about getting engaged so I knew it was going to happen but I had no idea when. My only tip off: my mom and Christian became very interested in paying for me to get a manicure…on the same day.leah_christian_getting_married_engagement_photosQ::     Tell me about the night he finally proposed…
I had been out of town all week and was so exhausted when I got home but Christian insisted that we keep our dinner reservations. I reluctantly put on my favorite (read as: most comfortable) maxi dress only to have Christian suggest I “maybe put on something a little nicer” for our date. When we missed a turn on the way to our favorite restaurant I started to get suspicious that something was up.

He took me to Loose Park and got down on one knee on the footbridge over the duck pond. It was such a beautiful day and the proposal was perfect! We got to celebrate our engagement (and my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary!) with both our families that night.

Q::     Ok, for this next question I MUST know your exact answer to the following question… this is very important for my own personal record keeping. What was your answer when he asked you to marry him?
Leah: Of course!

Ha!! I KNEW there are more people out there that say ‘of course’ instead of ‘yes’.  There are plenty of reasons I love you Leah, and this is just another thing to add to the list! 


The Wedding Plans

Q::      How long have you been planning your wedding? When is the big day?
I took a few months to enjoy being engaged before I started to plan (aka I had no idea what to do). Our wedding day is May 30th and we will have been planning for about 10 months by the time the big day arrives!


Q::     So far, what do you feel have been the best decisions you’ve made? What has been the most difficult?
Best Decision: Hiring a wedding consultant! Holly from Simple Elegance has made the planning process so much fun – I always look forward to her emails telling me what we need to work on next. My mom and I have actually been able to enjoy planning and I know the wedding will be beautiful! And Holly helped us pick Adrienne as our photographer!

Most Difficult: Picking a reception venue. Trying to find a place that felt “right” for us took a really long time. I tend to be a little indecisive and there are so many unique places in KC. Thankfully, we had a great wedding consultant to give us direction (see “Best Decisions”)

Q::     Tell us the range of emotions you’re feeling now that it’s almost here?!
It’s surreal! I feel like we’ve been talking about “the wedding” for so long and now it’s starting to materialize. I am so excited for our wedding day but I’m also trying to enjoy the next few months leading up to the big day as much as possible. The time is going by too quickly!


Q::     What are you most looking forward to? Personally, I couldn’t wait to say ‘husband’ instead of ‘fiance’!
I’m most looking forward to putting on my wedding dress & seeing Christian for the first time. And having our families together to celebrate. And going on our honeymoon. And being “Mrs. Stanza”. So… I think I’m most looking forward to everything!!


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  • I love working with Holly!! She always makes everything run smoothly & look amazing 🙂

  • It was an amazing day! Can’t wait to share some of the CRAZY things that happened. Stay tuned. I think you are the only one reading the blog Ashley 🙂

  • love the photos and reading their story. My friend also worked with Holly from Simple Elegance and she was awesome!

    Great work as usual Adrienne!!

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