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thumb-artistic-newbornsAchieving Artistic Newborn Portraits

Newborn portraits. It looks easy, right?

The baby just sleeps. The photographer puts them in a basket, or props their tiny head on their hands?

Yeah, that’s not exactly what I meant when I entitled this post ‘artistic newborn portraits’.  The truth: those images of the newborns propped on their hands are actually a product of Photoshop! (Newborn babies don’t have the neck strength to hold themselves on their hands!!)

Rather than use a lot of props or use PhotoShop to create something post-produced, I shoot what’s in front of me. I choose to use light, texture and a limited color palette to create unique still life’s. I don’t find any need for elaborate props but a few personal items can add a personal element that can be fun.

I’ll be completely honest, I wasn’t always great with newborns…

In fact, one of my early newborn sessions was when I myself was just 8 weeks pregnant. The baby cried the entire time I was there. I didn’t know what to do!? I couldn’t help.. I felt helpless and I got nothing. I didn’t think I was cut out for this particular thing; yet motherhood was just around the corner.

The baby was suffering from acid re-flux but how could I have known?

It’s taken a lot of practice & patience.  A lot of patience. After the birth of my own child, spending day in and day out with a newborn, gave me the understanding needed to handle newborn babies. Now I work with newborns on a regular basis and my images reflect the vision of a mother instead of whomever I was before.

I have no problem handling new babies these days but I’ve learned a lot of tricks over the years that have helped me get here.

newborn baby boynewborn baby portraitsnewborn baby little brotherlittle brother artistic newbornfamily with newborn baby boynewborn portrait with big brothermom and day with newborn

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katie-garrett-teamworkThe best marriage can be described as ‘good ole-fashioned’ team work.


I am already in my pajamas, curled up on my knees with my laptop lying open in front of me. Only moments ago, I returned from another long wedding day and I find my mind wandering through the days events. A smile remains fixed on my face as I remain lost in thought.

My Saturday night ‘after the wedding ritual of verifying cards and charging batteries will keep me awake until the wee hours. As my mind races back through the day, I slowly begin to recognize the aches and pains attributed to my ten hour wedding workout. I pop a few advil, grab a bowl of Epsom salt water to soak my aching fingers and despite the aches I pick up my camera and begin verifying files.


Per usual, the day was chocked full of amazing moments & opportunities to create beautiful portraits. Memories still fresh and dancing through my head as they appear on my screen. My brain is in hyper drive, flooding with thoughts, emotions & my own critical analysis of what I could have done better.

My laptop lies open in front of me, the blinking cursor begs me to begin.

I desperately want to find the words to describe what I just captured with my camera. To somehow express, in words, what is feels like for me to play a part in that.

Of course, my words, can never do justice.

So I bang out a few vanilla statements about Katie & Garrett… several words instantly come to mind: ‘generous, kind, adorable, loving families, CREATIVE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE who MAKE A GREAT TEAM.’

That’s when I realize it…

…that feeling…

The one I’m desperately trying to describe.  It’s the sensation I have after a wedding such as this one. It’s the one when you become a part of something larger than yourself. Sure, I am just the photographer but I watched the beginning on this union.  The beginning of a great team that will do great things together.

Truthfully, being part of a great team feeds the soul. And after a day like this, I know these amazing couple will remain in my life.

That’s the best part but also something that drives my own critisism.  I want perfection, not for myself, but for this perfect team. For the beautiful children that will one day bless their families. I am capturing memories for them. Showing them the beauty, love and perfection I see.

Sure, we all have trials and troubles throughout the years but finding your team mate is the first part of the challenge.  Katie & Garrett have chosen wisely and I am honored to be part of the team!


A great team makes the best marriage.

Working together to pull off a great wedding cerebration is just the beginning. But it’s easy for anyone to see the giant hearts belonging to this couple.

Some days are better than others.

That’s where I think I must start when I describe the feelings I had when reflecting on Katie & Garrett’s.

Cheers to Katie & Garrett!  May you have THE best marriage that endures all things, because gosh, darn you are the nicest, most adorable team




Want to know more about the details from this wedding in downtown Kansas City? Here are some details about the Kansas City wedding professionals who made the best marriage happen.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception were held at The Baltimore Club located in downtown Kansas City.

Bouquets & Floral Design were hand crafted by Craig Sole Designs.

Wedding Cake: Rebekah Cake Artist

Makeup: Katie with Mink Artistry

Entertainment DJ: DJ Fernando

Photography Team: Adrienne Maples PhotoStudios

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Starting Kindergarten:
 Tips for parent and child

starting kindergarten‘I’m ready momma… it’s time to wake up!’

My five year old giggles as she mushes my face with sloppy morning kisses, “I love you, love you, LOVE you!!” she exclaims as she jumps out of bed and runs to put on her clothes.

She’d picked out her outfit the night before and she was already dressed before I manage to reach the kitchen.

I am not a morning person. But her excitement lifts my morning fog.

‘This is going to be soooo good!’ she says as she grabs her kitty-cat backpack and pulls my hand towards the door.

“Come on momma, your wasting time!’


We arrive at school and walk her into her kindergarten classroom.  It’s buzzing with children, while parents snap photos of their kiddos and others attempt hiding tears from their children. I choke back a few proud tears myself, as we watch our joyous girl giggle as she finds her desk. She smiles proudly as she takes her seat & puts on her name tag.

She is ready for this day even if we are not.

Starting kindergarten is bittersweet. Some parents achieve a new found freedom at this stage while others find they are now confined within the parameters of the school day. To be quite honest, I can’t quite tell if I am coming or going and I already miss our mornings together.

starting kindergarten with your five year old

Survival Tips for Starting Kindergarten:

  1. Preschool. Any amount of preschool will help prepare your child to feel comfortable in a class room environment. Even summer camp before kindergarten can make a big difference. This also helps parents develop coping skills and understanding of what to expect once school officially starts.
  2. Positive Affirmations. Speaking positive affirmations daily will remind you both that you are ready for this change. Praise them for exhibiting positive, independent behaviors
  3. Practice. practice, practice! We play school around here.. a lot. But we also practice how we handle situations when someone is mean to you. My daughter thinks this is fun and it helps her develop confidence to speak up for herself and resolve her own situations without tears. We take turns being the ‘mean’ kid and ‘nice’ kid.
    1. Mean kid: ‘You aren’t my friend, I don’t want you playing over here.’
    2. Response: ‘That’s ok, I have plenty of friends. Besides I’m the boss of me and you are the boss of you.
  4. Play dates. Lots of them. This helps your child transition from spending all of their playtime with you to playing independently with other kids.
    • Parent Tip: Try to let them resolve differences on their own. When you hear your child arguing with another child, don’t be so quick to fix the problem for them. Give them some time to settle it on their own before inserting yourself into the situation.
  5. Rip it off like a band aid!  The first day is usually harder for parents than the kids.  When you drop off, quickly say your goodbyes.  And say something positive about your child, ‘Go get ’em tiger! You’ve got this!’
  6. No crying in front of the kid. Hold back the tears until you leave.  You want to leave on a positive note and your tears will confuse your child. They can’t comprehend the complex emotions that make this sad for us; so be certain they see you leave happy and confident that they can do this on their own!


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outdoor ceremony

A warm breeze swept over me and I grip my camera, preparing for the ceremony to start. ‘I think I can smell myself…’

I wipe my forehead and pat the salty beads of sweat from my eyes.  Its not the best moment to realize I’d forgotten deodorant. But I have a job to do and it’s too late to worry about this little detail.

The welcoming breeze sets the scene for a lovely summer wedding outdoors. It’s the end of June in Kansas and the humidity is comparable to my days in the South. Guests will remember a lovely country club wedding; hopefully, the photographer dripping with sweat won’t remain in their memory banks!

I shake the thought from my head and perch myself atop my ladder. I’d set up overlooking the lawn of the country club, close enough to catch expressions from the couple. I’m often dealing with with restrictions imposed by a church, which limits my ability to capture moments the way I would choose. Today I was taking full advantage of my accessibility.

With camera in hand and sweat burning my eyes, I evaluate the light once more, watching and waiting for the story to unfold.

Another light breeze gives way, breaking the heat of the afternoon sun. As it begins it’s daily decent into the sky, the moment arrives. The one we’d all been waiting for. The gorgeous bride appears arm in arm with her father, giddy with excitement as she walks toward her dashing groom.

His smile matches hers. They giggle as she takes his arm exchanging private glances as if no one else were watching. These two were made for one another.

My patience paid off. Capturing meaningful moments are well worth the sweat and the tears.


As a visual storyteller, I believe a story is best told through a series of images. Albums and books have become a thing of the past, so I hope you’ll enjoy this little collection of images I’ve put together to tell more about this wedding day. There are plenty more to come! All proof images will be available for viewing here: Megan & Richard Got Married.

Scroll down to find more information on the details that made this country club wedding a success.
wedding photographer first lookcountry-club-wedding-first-look-bridegroom-dogcountry-club-wedding-flowergirlscountry-club-wedding-dancing-flowergirlcountry-club-wedding-parents-of-bride


Want to know more about the details from this country club wedding? Here are some details on the wedding professionals who made it happen.

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Raising children is a dirty, exhausting, whirlwind of trial and error. Each child requires something different and it is up to the parent to discover what works for their family. As a mom of little girl –whom is currently ALL girl–  I recognize the vast difference it takes raising boys. Since I am no expert on raising boys, I turned to a mom who I believe has a great handle on managing the needs of three strong willed boys. (I wasn’t sure if I should include the husband in that total or not!?)


Top tips on Raising Boys

  • Embrace the chaos. Little boys are a whir of constant motion that puts the Energizer Bunny to shame. They bring with them a cloud of destructive energy in everything they do. Try to harness the energy into every creative outlet you can think of, and at the end of the day, embrace the growth that the boys had in making the mess before you.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff (and don’t buy nice things until they’re grown). Boys in their infinite energy destroy EVERYTHING. No matter how many times I tell my son that the couch is in fact not a cliff diving platform; I find him standing on the arm of the furniture for take-off, time and time again. Every item in the house has been used as a sword or gun so my superheroes can save me from bad guys (and no, guns are not allowed in our house… doesn’t matter to them). Every chair I own has streaks of peanut butter and ketchup from dirty fingers that didn’t think to use a napkin. I’ll have much more time than I’d like to clean all of these things in afew years, so for now I try to keep my cool and let them play out their fantasies.


  • Start a savings account for your future grocery bill. All that energy requires more food than you can imagine to refuel. All little boys turn into bottomless pits at some point, so you might as well prepare asap. An equal saving to whatever you plan to put away for college is probably a good start.
  • No matter how you dice it, little boy are dirty, smelly creatures by nature.  So invest in a good stain stick and air freshener you love. You will use both daily. (Buncha Farmer’s is our favorite) You can’t fight nature, but you can try to save your clothes and your nose. On a similar note, you’ll thank yourself for making sure every possible fabric in your home is stain-resistant AND machine washable.
  • Teach them to clean at a young age. I don’t love laundry and my boys produce A LOT of it. I put little stickers on the washing machine settings they should use to wash their clothes. No, I don’t make my 3 and 6 year-old do their laundry by themselves (yet), but they love pushing the buttons and I like a glimmer of hope that I’m raising self-sufficient children who will learn to take care of their own messes as they grow.
  • Speaking of messes, teach them to wipe up potty messes early! My boys are easily distracted and have horrible aim – I’m talking pee on every surface of the potty, baseboards, and bathroom floor. Long story, but I’ve even had pee accidents in my pantry before (Did I mention life raising boys is always an adventure?!) If you don’t like the idea of chemicals in little hands, the norwex envirocloth is a great non-toxic tool to get this job done (*note- I am not a norwex consultant, just sharing what I’ve found that works for us).


  • Buy clothes in bulk. Boys will wear pretty much anything you put in their dresser drawers, so you don’t need to worry about them being picky. We literally buy our shorts and jeans a dozen pairs at a time. Remember, I don’t like doing laundry!? Each boy can easily go through 2-4 pairs a day! A dozen pairs of each size means I don’t have to do laundry more often than once a week. As long as I’m diligent with my stain stick, (and buy high quality in bulk) most clothes get handed down from boy to boy.
  • Teach them manners. I believe establishing manners early on will create life-long habits which will translate into my little guys growing up to be true gentlemen. When one of them has managed to find and destroy a treasured item they weren’t meant to have, I’m less likely to completely lose my cool on a little boy who just sweetly held the door for me or remembered to say please and thank you at the dinner table.
  • Teach them to be a little tough. I didn’t embrace this one at first. I was determined to raise sweet, polite children who kept their hands to themselves and played with toys the way they were meant to be used. I laugh now reading that expectation. As my children get older, I realize that boys aren’t made to sit still or use toys according to directions on a box (I told you everything in my house is turned into a weapon). Roughhousing is a language to them, they truly use it to communicate their energy, strength, and power to each other. My rule is no whining to mom about bumps and bruises that occur as a result of rough play (only broken bones and cuts deep enough to require stitches or a blood transfusion are allowed to be brought to my attention). If they break anything that isn’t theirs in the process, they pay for it out of their allowance or do chores to make the money to pay us back. That being said, I also want my kids to know that mom and dad are a safe place to be vulnerable, and they don’t need to be tough all the time. Boys have strong emotions and they need a safe place to let it all out sometimes, too.
  • Hug them A LOT. Boys won’t always tell you that they need physical affections, but they do! My boys probably each get hugged at least 30 times a day, and this will continue to happen until theyreach the age when they tell me it’s not cool for mommy to hug them. And then I will sadly and begrudgingly back off…. a little. Hugs are powerful tools to communicate affection, compassion, acceptance, and to bring a sense of security to the chaotic energy of their little worlds. They truly can’t be loved on too much.


  • Embrace the loud, messy, smelly world that is raising boys. Kiss those sweet, sweaty, dirt-streaked cheeks every chance you get. When the chaos overwhelms you (and it will sometimes), treat yourself to a girls’ night, or a pedicure – whatever makes you happy. Recharge your batteries and then jump back into that chaos with both feet. All boys are mama’s boys for a while, but they grow too fast. The days are exhaustingly long, but the years are painfully short. I never pictured myself as a boy mom, but I’ve been blessed with three of the best boys I could ever dream up. I work hard to embrace every sweet, smelly, messy, adventurous, frustrating, crazy moment with my guys. I know they’ll be grown in the blink of an eye. My world with them in it is the best adventure of all, so I’m determined to sit back and enjoy the ride.

** The images below are of the youngest boy enjoying a smash cake for his first birthday photo session.

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engaged on the plazaYa-hoo! You’re engaged! Finally, there’ll be no more sleepless nights wondering when he will pop the question. Instead, you’ll spend your nights perusing Pinterest, reviewing your guest list, and imagining what the big day will look like when it all comes together.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially in the early weeks of the engagement. There is so much to do…  dresses to try on, websites to review, cake to taste… emails to send…

However, my first suggestion once you get engaged…  ——> R E L A X <——engagement planning hand in hand

Take a breath and savor the joy of this moment.

This proposal has probably been in the planning stages for quite a while, give your partner a week off!  Take a break and enjoy the idea of being engaged for at least a few days. After that, you can jump on the planning bandwagon and hire yourself a wedding planner! (This local wedding planning team is a great place to start.)

2016-06-02_0004Set a date! Actually, pick three!

This is the first thing any wedding professional will ask about when you call for advice. There are many things to consider when choosing a date.  I found a great article on Brides that will guide you more on selecting a wedding date.

Choose which elements of the wedding are most important to both you & your fiance!

Communicate with your spouse-to-be! Once you agree on where to spend your budget, you can begin to prioritize your planning. The best venues and wedding professionals book early, so don’t wait long!

  • (Pro truth: A wedding planner is experienced in what things should cost & will help avoid last minute, unexpected costs!).

2016-06-02_0005Start working on your guest list.

Ceremony sites & reception venues vary greatly based on how many people they can accommodate. And your budget can disappear quickly if you are planning a three course meal for 250+ guests. At plates ranging anywhere from $12- $250 a head, things add up quickly.

  • (Pro Tip: If you are serving guests alcohol, consider limiting the menu to wine & beer. Liquors hit the budget hard and fast and a cash bar feels like a slap in the face to your guests, especially if they traveled for the affair.) 

Finally, don’t turn into a Bridezilla! Your wedding is one day, your marriage is the rest of your life! This day should be about celebrating the union of two families.
engagement photos with dogsengagement photos on the plaza*****

Adrienne Maples is an internationally published and award winning photographer with more than a decade of experience photographing weddings and documenting relationships. She followed her passion for photographic storytelling and obtained her B.F.A from the Savannah College of Art & Design. She is known for her southern spunk and her clients feel at ease in her warm, inviting studio; currently located in downtown Overland Park, Kansas.

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There I stood, in front of my own camera, pregnant & attempting a self-portrait. My round, pregnant belly exposed ready to be captured, artistically somehow… I wanted to create something myself that I would one day give to my daughter.  Maternity photos of myself for my child that I did not yet know. With my camera mounted on a tripod & the remote shutter release in my hand, I snapped my first frame.  I walked over to check my composition and exposure.

Maternity photos are a gift for yourselfUgh.  The camera was aimed too low.  All I could see were my humongous thighs & the stretch marks that have become a permanent part of my body. I made adjustments & tried again.  This time I had more than two chins & my arms looked like they were housing the baby!

I’ve done self-portraits throughout my life but these were by far the MOST difficult to take. I could see everything that I now hated about my body. I didn’t quite know how to direct myself like I do when I’m directing someone else.

I realized I was seeing myself like my clients see themselves.

Instead of how I see as a photographer. It gave me a new understanding of why so many women choose NOT to have maternity photos. They are only seeing what THEY see.. and we don’t really SEE ourselves.

gorgeous-artistic-maternity-portraitsIt’s easy to skip maternity photos when your protruding belly is all you see when you look in the mirror.   ‘I feel fat, my body hates me & I can’t imagine feeling good enough to have my photo taken right now.’

But there are plenty of other reasons to capture this uniquely beautiful stage in life.  When I look at other pregnant women, I see their radiant beauty & joy! That’s what I want to capture! These images become a gift to yourself after your infant arrives. And they become a treasure in your child’s life in the years to come.

For a mother with older children, this can be an opportunity to tell about your relationship with your child before he/she becomes a big! Just as your relationship will change, the bond between siblings will grow. Before long, your family will become something wonderfully different.

I promise to make you feel beautiful and I always avoid telling the story of what happens to our thighs.


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I remember the feeling of butterfly’s in my stomach the first time I met Emily & her mother, Shellie.  It’s was the same kind of feeling you get when you develop a crush on someone.  It happens to me when I meet someone I want to photograph.  And it happened the moment I saw a smiling Emily across the room, hooked arm in arm with her mother while planning her wedding.

I was at the President Hotel displaying some of my work when the mother daughter pair approached me. Emily remained quite while Shellie revealed the story about Emily and how she met Sean. Her face beamed with pride as she spoke of her three daughters. Emily watched her mother as she told their story and she blushed when she spoke about her future son-in-law, Sean.

That was all it took for me. I was hooked. I wanted to meet this amazing man who had stolen everyone’s heart.

Nervously I began to share my approach to photographing a wedding… but I didn’t know where to start.  I wanted them to like me, I needed to tell this story… bumbling as I spoke, I felt like I was tripping over my words.

I made a few jokes. They appeared to fall flat.


Afterwards, I attempted to court her- sending her a little note, followed up by email, calling.  I actually considered sending her flowers!?!

Two months passed and I had heard nothing. I told myself it was time to move on- book another for that date. Just forget about her.

It can be devastating to loose a potential bride when it feels like you click. Especially when I am excited by the people, their love and the possibility of telling their story!

It turned out that Emily was just exhausted from her final year in Medical school…

And apparently she is completely clueless when someone has a crush on her. Just ask Sean.


Their wedding was set for April at The President Hilton hotel in downtown Kansas City.

If you’ve never been to the President hotel, you should really check it out.  It reminds me of The Great Gatsby… the old world feel, surrounded by golden architecture & yummy afternoon light. I especially enjoy and LOVE working with the staff.  Samie runs the show.  She is professional and accommodating, making every guest feel welcome.2016-06-02_00212016-06-02_00222016-06-02_00192016-06-02_0024





 Wedding Day Details

Want more??! Their images have been released online.  You can order your own prints, VIEW PROOFS.

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Brooke & Jason just welcomed baby girl number two… and yet it seems like yesterday we were dancing on their wedding day.

We hit it off instantly, Brooke & I. After many conversations, I learned that she is a scientist who does fancy science things, but at the root she & I are very similar. We are passionate about many of the same things and we find similar values in life. Since her wedding, I am honored to say that we have become friends who discuss the great wonders in our lives. And of course, many conversations revolving around ‘Guess what my kid just did- is that normal?’


I remember your wedding like it was last year… we had a rainy day & I was so excited to use my vintage umbrella! How many years has it been now? 

Oh wow, it does seem like yesterday! Three years this May 2015!

And do you want to tell us how life has changed since the wedding?

Well, we’ve tried to keep charging through life: we had our first child, Meredith, about a year and a half after the wedding.  Jason and I have taken a few trips both before and after Meredith, and moved into a newer home, further out in the suburbs…they’re right, kids change everything 😉

Now that you’ve moved from wedding planning to family planning, let’s remember some of the wedding advice you received. What advice stands out whether or good or bad??

One piece of advice that I received stands out as the most unique recommendation: Spend the time of the reception with your new spouse.

The recommended went on to say that this is the only party where you should experience the evening together and not compare notes about who said what and who did what throughout the evening.

Let me tell ya, it can be quite challenging when you’re running around talking to all your friends and family, but I agree that this is the one party you want to experience together. And who doesn’t want to see the bride and groom gleefully enjoying the first few hours of marriage TOGETHER 😉

What was the BEST advice? 

Be sure to EAT! Not that reminding me to eat is difficult, but enjoy a lunch or breakfast before the big event, and-for the love-enjoy whatever you’re serving at your reception. You’re gonna need it to hit the dance floor, be on your feet the rest of the night, and enjoy your friends and family that are there to support you and your new life as a couple.

Anything you wish you’d done differently? 

No. I’d do nothing differently. Did things go perfect? No. But it was a wonderful day and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d hang with my girlfriends while getting ready and be so silly and dance so much that in all my pictures from that time, my hands were in the air. I’d laugh so much that in every picture my mouth is open, and I can hear my own cackle through the photograph.

I’d stay true to who I am, go with my gut, and do what was best for me and my beloved on that day. I’m a fan of Emily Post’s Book of Etiquette (being a debutante from the south), but sometimes your life and who you are doesn’t always align with the ‘proper’ or ‘traditional’ expectations of a wedding day. Life isn’t always proper and traditional…

So, no I wouldn’t do anything differently. I’d laugh, cry, hug, and dance my way through a memorable wedding day.

Who helped make your day fantastic?

Everyone, absolutely everyone. Each person’s smile, well wishes, and laughter that we got to embrace during the day made the day memorable.

Although, having a wedding planner certainly allowed me to focus on all these special moments instead of worrying about what time we need to be at the church, if all the vendors showed up, and who gets which boutonniere!? I’ve been a part of weddings with and without a wedding planner, and I’d recommend an experienced wedding planner to any bride, if possible. With a good wedding planner, you can truly just relax and enjoy your whole day*. That way there’s no additional pressure on a Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom or even your bridesmaid extraordinaire to worry about any wedding details.

*We used the incredible Patti Gehring of

What is your favorite wedding day memory or a favorite piece from your day? 

There are two memories…the moment I walked out of the Bride’s room to the Chapel doors (nervous, excited, and overwhelmed with blessings); and the moment we left the Chapel together arm in arm. Of course, I had a truly talented photographer that captured that moment we walked out of the Chapel…feelings of love, happiness, calm and overwhelming peace. And of course, that brilliant photographer shows us the photograph in black and white, and we both smile every time we see it hanging in our living room.

*you can insert that photo here

Now that you are married and starting your family, what’s next? What are your hopes & dreams for the future now that you are a mom?

Well, let’s see…It’s probably not about what’s next, but more like what is the new normal. I think you know what I mean when I say that. It’s so easy for us to dive right into talking about work-life balance, or I’m worrying about what I’m feeding my kid, and is she going to nap today? And of course, my usual mantra: come on over, I’d love to see you, but my house is a mess. Add all those thoughts up in my head up, and you’ve got the new normal.

What’s next? Continuing to find the best way to be a mom, wife, daughter, friend, employee, overall contributor to society (laugh), and find quality time for myself (necessary to realign focus and energy). My hopes and dreams? To be in the moment, enjoy one another, not take myself/life/or anything too serious, and to make it through those teenage years. HA!



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What is a birth story? The response is often the same when I mention that I love capturing births: ‘why would anyone want to see THAT?!’.

I laugh because everyone initially envisions that I am South of the curtain.  But just like anything I do, I am there to tell a story, capturing moments we otherwise miss. Honestly, there are few things in life that truly take my breath away & leave me with chills; capturing a birth story is one such occasion.

Welcoming new life into the world is still one of those things, the raw emotion, the truth behind our everyday lives- these things can be seen when a baby enters the world. I become lost behind my lens trying to appropriately document this momentous occasion as well as stifle my happy tears.

Even more wonderful is when I’ve already shared in so many other memories with the family I am documenting. I am more than just a photographer; I am a collector of moments…of memories. Truth be told, it gives me a grandeur sense of my purpose in this life. Probably a slightly imagined sense of purpose.. but I am ok with that.

This is the day that Astoria was welcomed into the world and this is her birth story.


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A b o u t   t h e   A r t i s t