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birth_photography_header_birth_story Flashback post to the day Miss Elsie was born.  Her parent’s just celebrated her second birthday!! What??  HOW does the time pass so quickly?  Even faster after you welcome your first child into the world.  Since little Elsie just turned two, I wanted to celebrate this amazing day again!  Here is Elsie Today… studio-portraits-overland-park-portrait-studioamaples-seperator-blog-page Capturing a birth story is like nothing I’ve done before.  I wouldn’t allow myself to do it before I had a child of my own… frankly, I didn’t want to scare myself!  The first birth I took part in (aside from my own & the birth of my daughter) was for my beloved assistant, Blair & the birth of her son, Knox.  She became pregnant with her second child just shortly after my own daughter was born. During Blair’s delivery, I unexpectedly found myself full of emotion behind my lens.  I agonized with her through every contraction… but I quietly kept my ground.  When the time came for her to push, I felt her pain & fear… I captured her moments of strength & weakness as I barely held back my tears of joy when she was presented with her new baby boy.  I happily fired away, thrilled to be a part of something so momentous- I was capturing these priceless moments for her family. Next, I was asked if I wanted to take part in the birth of a familiar couple (seen below)… I met this pair just shortly after their engagement.  I remember thinking how young & lovely they were… now they have two wonderfully adorable girls.  This new baby seen in the images below, just celebrated her FIRST birthday!  Time seems to fly by since having a child of my own!  Slow. It. Down. ****If you have worked with the studio before & you are interested in learning more about how this works, send us a request.  Please tell us your due date & the hospital where you plan to deliver.  All birth stories include digital files & an artist compilation that tells your story. birth-story-baby-girl-happy-happy-joyjoy Here’s the whole story… of the birth of Miss Elsie.  I’ve spent so much time with this family throughout the years that I was so honored to be there for the birth of their second child.  I just celebrated her first birthday & felt the need to relive her birth story.  And yes, there were a few tears.  But I hide them pretty well & these days I use auto focus 🙂   038_AMIMG_0049  birth-story-documenting-lifebirth-story-its-time-to-pushbrith_story_hospital_beginning   birth-story-capturing-important-momentsbirth-story-baby-timemoment-of-birthbirth-day-here-she-isamaples-seperator-blog-page

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