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Maternity Photos; A gift for yourself

There I stood, in front of my own camera, pregnant & attempting a self-portrait. My round, pregnant belly exposed ready to be captured, artistically somehow… I wanted to create something myself that I would one day give to my daughter.  Maternity photos of myself for my child that I did not yet know. With my camera mounted on a tripod & the remote shutter release in my hand, I snapped my first frame.  I walked over to check my composition and exposure.

Maternity photos are a gift for yourselfUgh.  The camera was aimed too low.  All I could see were my humongous thighs & the stretch marks that have become a permanent part of my body. I made adjustments & tried again.  This time I had more than two chins & my arms looked like they were housing the baby!

I’ve done self-portraits throughout my life but these were by far the MOST difficult to take. I could see everything that I now hated about my body. I didn’t quite know how to direct myself like I do when I’m directing someone else.

I realized I was seeing myself like my clients see themselves.

Instead of how I see as a photographer. It gave me a new understanding of why so many women choose NOT to have maternity photos. They are only seeing what THEY see.. and we don’t really SEE ourselves.

gorgeous-artistic-maternity-portraitsIt’s easy to skip maternity photos when your protruding belly is all you see when you look in the mirror.   ‘I feel fat, my body hates me & I can’t imagine feeling good enough to have my photo taken right now.’

But there are plenty of other reasons to capture this uniquely beautiful stage in life.  When I look at other pregnant women, I see their radiant beauty & joy! That’s what I want to capture! These images become a gift to yourself after your infant arrives. And they become a treasure in your child’s life in the years to come.

For a mother with older children, this can be an opportunity to tell about your relationship with your child before he/she becomes a big! Just as your relationship will change, the bond between siblings will grow. Before long, your family will become something wonderfully different.

I promise to make you feel beautiful and I always avoid telling the story of what happens to our thighs.


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