Rescuing Dogs from Certain Death


Q::     Today I am interviewing Mrs. Lindsey Lee who started her own not-for-profit organization, K-911 Foundation, to help animals in need.  Tell us more about how you save lives on a daily basis?

I started this organization so I could provide the best help to animals in need. I’ve been rescuing animals since I was a child but now through K911, I have the resources needed to save animals from gas chamber shelters, kill-shelters, hoarding situations and more.  At K911, we believe that every pet deserves a loving family.

I focus the majority of my efforts to saving dogs in harm’s way.  I’ve pulled some amazing dogs from kill shelters in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and placed them with loving families.

Another huge goal is focusing on the overpopulation of cats by TNR (trap, neuter, release).  In just 7 years, one female cat (and her offspring) could produce 400,000+ cats! Through educating people about the importance of spaying & neutering their animals, we can make a big difference the numbers of animals being killed, neglected & abused every day.


Q::       Tell us the story of how you came to have 16 hound dog puppies, the adorable pups seen in these photos.  (Update- these guys have all been adopted.  But you CAN still help!  Use the information in this post to contact Lindsey & help her save other animals in desperate need.) 

While reviewing the Missouri Swap and Shop page, I jumped out at me: “ Free bloodhounds – need 7 gone ASAP!” I couldn’t believe my eyes.. SEVEN bloodhounds… Who else would be willing to take on seven hound dogs?

Without hesitation, I sent a message immediately saying, “I want them all.’  

You must understand, I have been a little bit obsessed with bloodhounds since I was… eh 4? 5?  The first time I watched Fox & The Hound, I was in love. Ever since, I’ve dreamt of saving one and eventually having one of my very own…

We drove half-way across Missouri to meet with a woman who claimed she was “getting rid” of the dogs because of her failing health. After some small talk, I discover the dogs have not been properly cared for and they’ve never seen a vet.

As they begin bringing out the dogs, the woman casually mentions:

“ Oh, and I forgot… one of them is pregnant… like really pregnant. I hope that’s okay?”

They pulled the very pregnant dog out, along with 4 other females, 2 of which were also noticeably pregnant. Concerned for the safety of the dogs, I decided not ask anymore questions for fear she might change her mind. I wanted them safe, with me.

Not 24 hours later, the first six puppies were born.

I am happy to report that all of the dogs are now vetted and settled into their new forever homes. Several wonderful people stepped up to help me with this situation. I’m very grateful to Great Plains SPCA, MARQ and several wonderful people who helped foster the dogs & their pups.

Q:: How old were you when you first began saving animals ?

It started when I was old enough to ride my bike by myself.  When riding around, if I saw an animal that wasn’t in someone’s home or yard it sudden my business.

I was an animal detective, I had to find out where this animal lived and why on earth it’s family didn’t mind it being out. This continued for years, saving the strays, finding new homes, etc.

Then I started working at vet clinics. The first animal I saved from a clinic was named Leopold.. and he still lives with my mom! He has to be as old as I am!


Q::     When did you decide to start your own non-profit? What prompted you & what does this mean for you since you were already saving animals?

I talked about it for years but finally took the leap last year. I quit my job and had some sort of ‘quarter life epiphany‘. I was taking in so many animals & paying for everything out of pocket. I wasn’t allowed to accept donations or have fundraisers without two different kinds of licensing in Kansas.

In addition, most shelters require you to have a license to pull animals from their care.  If I wanted to save the ones that were on death row… I needed a license. At that point, it was no longer optional… I had to do it.

Q::     These days, you are the first person I think about when I know of an animal in need or if I am considering adopting a pet! What all is involved for you when you take on animals that are in need?

Hey, thanks!!

The number one thing is a foster home. I have to have somewhere for this animal to go. A lot of times, especially in the beginning, the dog or cat ended up at my house. I didn’t have any foster homes, I didn’t have the support around me like I do today. Over the years I have acquired several AMAZING fosters… without them, I wouldn’t be able to save some of the animals that I have in the past.

After I have a temporary home lined up, then comes transport and vet care. Depending on health issues, most of my fosters will allow the dog/cat to stay with them until they are adopted!

studio-portraits-puppies-kansas-city-animal-rescueQ::     Tell us about the adoption or foster process, for those who want to help or support your cause?

Adoption and foster applications are on the website. I provide home visits for foster & adoption. I want to be sure I find the RIGHT animal that fits into your home.

If you are unable to foster, there are still many ways we need help and support.  I love people take have taken an interest in what I do & I am happy to answer questions anytime.

I am proud to surround my life with my number one passion… so if people want to learn more, I always encourage them to ask. Education is key to remedying overpopulation/abuse and death rates!


Where can readers go to learn more about you or DONATE to your cause?



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  • Ashley - Ok I am not a dog lover, at all, but these photos could not be any sweeter with all those puppies. Great work and great story!!

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