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Q:: For readers that are just hearing about Private Stock, can you describe & tell us a little more about your band & the kind of music and atmosphere they can expect?

Private Stock is a six-piece band specializing in dance music for all age groups. The playlist includes everything from today’s hits, favorites from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, plus songs by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Etta James and more.

Our clients can expect an energetic, fun atmosphere and we’ll keep it classy too. The dance floor will be full all night long!


Q:: I’ve had the fortune of working with your band many times over the last decade. How long have you been working the Kansas City scene? What’s your ideal performing location?

Private Stock has been around for a long time. As we say in the website, we’ve seen it all and done most of it. Our band is a perfect mix of younger and older members that allow us to keep it edgy but still knowing what is appropriate for the event and what is not.

We’ve played the smallest to the largest venues so the band is comfortable in any situation. Our sound and light system is incredible and our sound engineer makes sure the music sounds great and stays at a good volume.
Picking an ideal performing location is a difficult question to answer. There’s nothing better than playing outside on a beautiful KC night, and playing smaller, more intimate venues allows the band to really connect with the audience! But the rush of a huge audience in a huge space is great too!!

We love putting on the Tuxedos and playing the most formal events, but dressing down for a more casual evening is always fun. The members of the band will always be dressed appropriately for your reception.


Q:: Do you have a memorable wedding that could go down in the record books?

There have been so many memories from weddings we’ve played. It’s so flattering when someone will come up to Lisa or I and mentions that we played their wedding and tells us about the great memories they have from that day. It really makes it all worthwhile.

If I had to pick one that really stands out it would be a wedding we played the weekend after 9/11. We didn’t want to take away any of the joy from the bride and grooms day but the events that happened were so enormous that we felt they had to somehow be acknowledged.

After consulting with the bride and groom we decided to do something right before the dancing. Our sax player walked to the center of the dance floor and played a solo rendition of America The Beautiful. Without prompting, everyone in the room stood up, started singing…I get goose bumps still when I think about it. When the song was finished the party began and the night was incredible.


Q:: What types of things inspire you? Where do you get your fresh ideas?

Seeing the audience go crazy on the dance floor…when you play the first few notes of a song and you feel the energy and excitement level explode in the room. Or when the band plays a beautiful slow song and you see how it really connects with people. It’s a great feeling when you can do something to help people forget about their troubles and worries even if it’s just for a little while. We love that.

Ideas can come from anywhere anytime. They happen in the middle of the night lying in bed, riding my bike, cruising down the street with the windows down. You’re doing something totally unrelated to music then an idea comes out of nowhere and you think “whoa” we should try this!!

Private Stock is on stage having fun, not trying to change the world. We absolutely love what we do, we have a blast doing it and that that carries over to our audiences.

private-stock-entertainmentQ:: What is typically your favorite moment during the reception?

For me it’s the father daughter dance and the father of the bride toast. Lisa and I have two daughters and I always think of them. I know it will be me someday. (I’m always taking notes!)

Q:: What’s the best advice you can give brides who are in the early stages of planning their wedding?

Music is such an important part of the reception. Some would say it’s what your guests will remember most. Your wedding night isn’t just another night out at the club. It’s one of the few most important nights in your life. You’re only going to do this once so make it special. Second, having the type of music you want is obviously important but remember you’ll have guests there from all demographics so consider their tastes too.

Third, the guests often take their cue from the bride and groom. If the bride and groom are dancing everyone will be dancing. If the bride and groom are not on the dance floor it’s more challenging to get everyone up. So the message here is…get on the dance floor!

Q:: Anything exciting you want to talk about?

Yes. For many years Private Stock has been a five-piece band. We still have our drummer, keyboard, bass/vocalist, myself on guitar/vocals and Lisa our lead singer. Recently we’ve added a saxophone player to the band. He adds so much musically and visually. When he ventures onto the dance floor to play a crazy sax solo along side the dancers, they love it!
We’ve recently updated our website. There are new videos, pictures plus a lot more. Also we can now provide a DJ to go along with the live band. You can still have the band by itself, but now you have the option of having the band and DJ alternate sets so you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Private Stock is the same professional and experienced band that it’s always been, but it’s also a brand new Private Stock full of enthusiasm, energy and excitement. We are ready to help make your event classy, sophisticated, and then party all night long!

Here is how to contact Private Stock & book the band for your next event:

Check out “An evening with the band!” on Vimeo at

Website address:
Call: Mark Marek 816-392-8669 or Lisa Marek 913-645-9577


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