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Social media has become a tremendous part of our lives & hashtags are everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!!  We are always connected.. our phones itch in the palms of our hands.  We are constantly online, sharing photos of our kids on Instagram, swapping parenting advice on Facebook, or having a conversation on Twitter.  When planning your wedding, you must decide exactly how ‘socially connected’ you want to be throughout the process.

please-hashtag-our-weddingSo Why Instagram #hashtag Your Wedding?

The quick answer: it’s fun letting everyone share their point of view from the wedding!  Your hired photographer will be paying attention to all of the details, the relationships & telling the primary stories of the day.  It can get pretty darn interesting to see what everyone else was doing while you were getting ready or cutting the cake!

You can wake up the next morning {with your spouse!} quickly search for your unique hashtag and see all of the photos everyone took.  This is a great way to capture the crazy moments that you would have otherwise missed.


It’s important to make this decision early in the planning process so you can add your hashtag to all of your wedding materials.  Let your friends know early by including your hashtag on your save-the-dates & remember to use it when you are sharing fun stuff about the wedding.   Make it fun for your guests so they will be encouraged to share!


  1. Make your hashtag signage prominent throughout your wedding day & keep a consistent design.  Place a sign alongside your guest book when guests arrive at the ceremony.
  2. Design your own card & hand them out. These can be sent with your invitations, put at place settings, or left beside your guest book.  Design them to match your wedding design.
  3. Make your hashtag unique, personal & fun!  Some good ones I’ve seen over the last year #SamekSweethearts, #MilliganGetsHitched, #Smitherson
  4. I found some great advice on Wedding Hashtag Wall about how to create your own unique hashtag.  They even have a template builder where you can create & print your own Instagram Wedding Sign.  GO HERE to make your own!

What to Do & Don’t Do when creating your Wedding Hashtag


  • Be specific so all your guests know which hashtag to use.
  • Make it easy to remember so nobody gets it wrong.
  • Make it unique: test search for the #hashtag you use and see if others are using it. Double check right before the wedding.
  • Be open for some trial and error. Find out a couple used it before? You might wanna rethink your choice.
  • Add a “wedding word” like “hitch”, “love”, “weds”, “happilyever” or “newlyweds” to appeal to your guests.
  • Make your hashtag funny or a little bit bizarre, this will add to the appeal factor. Time to get creative!


  • Add symbols, dashes or spaces, this will cut the hashtag. A good hashtag only consists of alphabetic characters (a-z, no special accents) and numbers.
  • Just use initials and dates. Weddings tend to have these in common.
  • #Useaverylonghashtagwithoutcapitalletterstodescribeyourwholewedding, because… You can see why.
  • #WOJAAWSID, would you know what that says? No you don’t… It doesn’t make any sense because it’s the abbreviation of Wedding Of John And Amy Who Say I Do.

for more visit: http://www.weddinghashtagwall.com/ 



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